Dietary Guideline

What do the Dietary Guideline do for america

Diet-he kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

Getting enough nutrients within your calories needs.

Age,Size, Activity level,Gender,Metabolism.

Nutrient-Dense- is a simple way to connect nutrients with calories.

How to maintain a healthy weight

Risk Factor-characteristic or exposure of an individual that increases the likelihood of developing a disease or injury.

High blood pressure,Type 2 diabetes.

Higher risk of diabetes.

Watch tv for lees than an hour,10 mineeuts a day walking up and down the stairs.

suggestion for being physically active every day

Bring people together,Safe for kids to do stuuf after school.

60 minuets a day.

Excersising, running, basketball.

Importance of whole grain, fruits,vetetables and milk

they lower the reisk of chornic disease.

reduce storke risk.


Be choosy about carbohydrate

honey,peanut butter.

oreo, doanuts,
no risk of disease.

why reduce sodium and increase potassium

use it for nutriention

have your kidney moved.

it found in all type of fruit.

aviod alcohol

gain stress, lost memory ,disease.

ot help with keeping in shape.