European Country Discovery Project

San Marino, Helejna Petersen P4

The San Marino Flag

The name of the country i have gotten is San Marino, The capital of San Marino is The city of San Marino.The meaning behind the flag is that the colors represent peace and liberty respectively,the flag was adopted on April 6th 1862.

Geography behind San Marino

The location of the San Marino is on the continent Europe and is surrounded by Italy.

Some of the Major land forms in this very small part of land are rivers, hills and mountains.

Some of the major landmarks are Monte Titano, Guaita,Plazzo Publico,and Monte.

Some major bodies of water are San Marino river,Flumicello river,Ausa river,,and the Marecchia river.

The way there geography effects their citizens is because san marino is 1/10 the size of New york city, San Marino is surrounded by italy.It is situated in the appenies, a little inland from the adriatic sea near rimini

Government behind San Marino

The country San Marino has a diarchy government,Their chief executive is Gabriele Gatti,their foreign executive is Anntonella Mularoni,their chief financial executive is Valintini,and their justice executive is Augusta Casali.The leaders are elected/chosen by the council...thats how the leaders are chosen.The citizens rights are arbitary,disapperance,torture,denial, and freedom of their speech,ect.


San Marino is a rich nation,they have the GDP of 1.9 billion. In San Marino...instead of dollars like we have they pay in euros.Their main export in San Marino is washing and bottling machines...In San Marino their average life expectancy is 83.32 years,Their average birth rate is 8.7 births/1,000 population.Their average literacy rate is 96%.There drinking water is imported from Italy.


People in San Marino wear clothes consisting of of an ankle length skirt with apron sort of resembling a dirndl.There most common language in San Marino is Italian since it is surrounded by Italy.Some of their major holidays we have in the us also for example there major holidays are new years ,labor day,fall of fasicm,all saints day,christmas,easter,and even more..Roman Catholic is there religion...some of their beliefs are christian faith rooted in the new testament.A really popular food there would pasta since they are in Italy...for example they have lasagna that consists of


The`general weather condition is mild winters,and warm and pleasent winters.The average rainfall is 22 to 32 inches per year.The average yearly tempature is 19 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit...what effects the climate most is that do tothe mild climate they depend on the tourists industry .


Two examples of historical facts would have to be when San marino was bombed by allied planes during the world war two sustaining heavy damage,And that San Marino is the oldest existing national state in europe.

compare and contrast

differences in language-we in the us speak English and a bunch of other languages while in San marino they speak Italian since they are surrounded by Italy.

differences in food-american food is a melting pot of all different varietys of food from different countries,compared to Italian food which is prevalent in San Marino due to its location within Italy

language-difference-they have one language and we have several.difference-they rely on tourism so that means they have to learn english to communicate with tourist while we already know similarities-we both speak Italian. similarities-we both have the same letters in the alphabet.

food-simmularities-we both have italian food.simmularities-we use the same generic ingredients there food originated in San Marino and we only copied it.difference-we can harvest our own seafood but they cant because they do notfish.


credit to all the sources i used to find this infromation...some of these include , google maps , google feedback , , . , , , and last but not least enclylopediacom .