SNMA Welcome BBQ!!

-hosted with LMSA-

You're in... NOW WHAT!?

Welcome back everyone and a special welcome to our MS1s!!! Come meet your fellow classmates, upperclassmen, get advice about the school year, and eat TONS OF FREE FOOD! (YES, FREE FOOD!) We want to help make your transition in as smooth as possible as well as get to know you all a whole lot better!

Welcome BBQ

Saturday, Aug. 24th, 5pm

6401 Maple Avenue

Dallas, TX

Med Park Parking: The apartments are gated. If you need to get in, there is a booth with a security guard at the entrance. Slow to a halt, politely get his attention, tell him why you're here and PLEASE BRING YOUR ID to show. They should let you in.


  1. Grab some food!
  2. Get to know each other!
  3. Grab more food!
  4. Give tons of great advice!

PLEASE RSVP HERE (copy and paste the link) :