Summer Institute for the Gifted

at the University of Chicago

The Final Edition: Closing Time

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Glad "They" Came!

The very first year at SIG University of Chicago is coming to a close. We cannot believe that three weeks have gone by so fast. We have had an amazing three weeks here at SIG U of Chicago. There have been many academic lessons, engaging experiments, thought-provoking class discussions, and most importantly moments that will last a lifetime. It has been a pleasure having your children here with us for the past three weeks, and I speak for my entire staff: Instructors, Counselors, RAs, Housemasters, all of the Deans, and the office staff, when I say, "We are glad they came!" We hope they are too! Here are a few more pictures from the last week, and we have included some important information about the closing ceremony and departure.

Academic Corner: My Favorite Classes

Written by Christian Lui

One of my favorite classes at SIG is Engineering in Action. I like that class because it is not only homework and listening to a lecture. Sure, there has to be some learning through lecture since this is an academic institute after all, but I like this class because you get to build many things such as bridges and rocket launchers. There is an interactive component to the class that builds a community of learners since we can also socialize with our friends. The teacher, Miesha Williams, is very nice, and my classmates are very outgoing and extroverted. Last Thursday, we fired our rocket launchers. The experiment was a success ,and overall this class was very fun and educational.

My second favorite class at SIG is Time Travel. This class is very interesting and intriguing, and I don't mind that we get homework every day and have to prepare for presentations. The other students are very smart, and currently, we are working on a group presentation. During the class, we watched some short films about the universe and fine tuning. Sometimes we are perplexed by some of the topics, but our teacher is an experienced teacher and leads discussions that broaden our horizons. These are just two of the great classes at SIG that have been fun, challenging, and educational.

The Academic Performance Showcase

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Summer Institute for the Gifted

Thank you for allowing your children to be with all of us here at SIG University of Chicago; we hope they have had the time of their lives!