Hemet February Team Meeting

February 13, 2019


  • Accountability & Compliance

  • Testing

  • Enrollment

  • Enrichment

  • Curriculum

  • Academic Decathlon

  • SPED

  • High School

  • Professional Learning & Achievement

  • Human Resources

  • Teacher Evaluations

  • Riverside Area Discussion

Accountability & Compliance

Parent Portal

Parent Portal-It’s more than a place to take attendance!

Parents can:
  • View Courses
  • Fill out Attendance Logs
  • Graduation Requirement Check Resources
  • Unofficial Transcripts
  • Report Cards!

Report Cards

Report Cards: Common Issues

1. High School- “I cannot view my roster when I go in to enter grades”

  • If you cannot not view your roster, uncheck “Include Current Classes Only”
  • Make sure the dates of classes match enrollment track dates

2. Middle School- If your student is in middle school but is taking a high school course, you must enter the grades like you would a high school student

3. Printing- If you have trouble printing, try to un-finalize and re-finalize the report card

Collecting Attendance vs. Attendance Claiming

Collecting Attendance: Student submits attendance through Parent Portal or in person

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Attendance Claiming: HST reviews attendance and claims the attendance in School Pathways, by the due date. Please be sure that you claim your class attendance by COB on the day it is due.

Do not delay claiming your attendance even if your entire class has not claimed. Please reach out to me if you need additional support.

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How to tell whether you have claimed your attendance.

First, filter for the entire year on your class roster.
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If you have claimed your attendance, you will see the yellow box for the current LP. Be sure to check for all tracks and in all Scopes in which you have students.

NOTE: Do you have a pink attendance box? Reach out to Christian to correct this.

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CAST Science: New Policy

  • 12th graders will take the CAST this year because all students must take the CAST one time in high school. Students who are in 12th grade this year did not have the opportunity to take CAST last year. AND...

  • 11th grade students that are in their last year of science will be also need to take the CAST this year. 10th graders may take it if they know they are in their last year of science but this is unusual.

    • This is the directive from the state. It allows students to take the test while their science course is fresh in their mind.

    • Benefit for our students that 11th graders are already coming out to the testing locations to take the 11th grade Math and ELA assessments.

  • Once they have taken it, it will not be available to them in the test system in future years.

  • The Weekly Update 2-11-19 contains a list of students that have already taken it (it will be embedded in the Pathways CAASPP Registration Info doc).

CAASPP Opt-Out Procedures

The testing department will begin accepting opt-outs February 19th. Parents will not email an opt-out directly to the testing department as in past years.

  • If a family is certain they want to opt-out:

    • The teacher will complete a survey and notify his/her RC.

    • RCs will monitor survey responses and send a pre-filled PDF with student information to the teacher.

    • Teacher will obtain parent signature on the pre-filled PDF and submit it via survey ~ detailed instructions to come

Designated Supports

  • Testing team will begin uploading all testing supports to the TOMS portal in February so that students will have access to them for CAASPP testing. This upload happens every two weeks during the testing window.

  • HSTs should have had all designated supports added to the TOMS tab in Pathways by Feb. 4.

  • Should be same or similar to supports that students receive in everyday educational activities.

  • Need to be assigned to individuals, not your entire class.

HSTs do not enter
anything in Pathways for students with IEPs or 504s. Reach out to the SPED or 504 case manager if there are any questions about testing supports for these students.


February 15th:

  • Online Enrollment for 2018-19 will be closed.

  • Waitlisted families will be notified ahead of the closure.

March 1st:

  • Online Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year will open.

  • Letter of Intent will be used in lieu of Master Agreements.


Enrichment Item Returns Info:

  • Enrichment Item Return Instructions in HST Handbook (section 10.17)

  • Collect the items, fill out the item identification form (each item listed separately), provide a receipt to the family, decide where the item goes next, fill out the survey as your receipt

  • Forms & survey can be found on HST Handbook (section 10.17 & under Survey link)

Ordering Reminders:

  • A few tech items can now be ordered through Enrichment:

    • All Kindle Fire readers and tablets: Must include a case and if a case is not included then Enrichment will order one for the family.

    • All printers: Educational Quality not to exceed 300 dollars

    • Apple products and computers must still go through tech

  • Please ask families to provide login information if needed for subscriptions or registrations. Add this to the notes on the order before approving.

Our Enrichment Coordinator: Dawnelle Bailey

Online Subscriptions Package

  • OSP Opt-Out Funds

    • Students who qualified for the OSP funds received the funding drop last Friday, Feb 1st

    • Specialty Program students and students who started with Inspire on/after December 1st do not qualify to receive the opt-out funds. These students may still opt-in to the OSP to receive subscriptions via the Enrichment Ordering System (EOS)

    • Please email osp@inspireschools.org with any questions or concerns

  • OSP À la Carte Subscriptions

    • Students may now sign up for our remaining available OSP subscriptions à la carte through a survey request.

    • Due to availability not all subscriptions are available à la carte (this includes BrainPOP, Reading Eggs/Math Seeds, and Time4Learning -- families may still order these subscriptions through Enrichment at the regular price)

  • Webinars

    • We’re collaborating with our OSP vendors to offer families webinars on the subscriptions -- Shmoop hosted two sessions last week (link to the recording) and Tynker will be offering a session in a couple of weeks

Audits & Fund Discrepancies

Instructional Funding Cut-Offs

  • Funding in the EOS is automatically determined by the student’s start date -- the Audit Team must manually adjust the funds for all students who qualified for a higher funding amount based on when they began the enrollment process. This process generally takes 1-2 weeks once the student’s account is generated in the EOS. Please do not contact Enrollment for this, as all funds are adjusted through the Enrichment Department.

Fund Transfer Requests

  • The guidelines and directions for fund transfer requests can be found in section 10.12 of the HST Handbook

    • HST with families who have have more than one HST will need to contact the Audit Team to request the fund transfer requests

    • Please help encourage families to submit their order request(s) in the EOS before submitting fund transfer requests -- this helps demonstrate the need for the fund transfer

IMPORTANT: Please remind all HSTs to use the Fund Discrepancy & Audit Survey for all funding and audit related issues and requests.

For urgent issues a follow-up email can be sent, after submitting the survey request, to: enrichmentaudits@inspireschools.org and CC Serena Barnett

Field Trips & Events

Payment Requests

  • Please make sure all deposit & payment requests are submitted to the FTE Payment Survey early enough to allow sufficient time for processing (especially if we have to mail a check)

  • All venue contracts/agreements should be emailed to the FTE Team -- icsfieldtrips@inspireschools.org

  • If the field trip requires a Certificate of Insurance, please be sure to give us advance notice


  • Parents may request/suggest field trips but cannot host/facilitate field trips -- all field trips must be attended & facilitated by an Inspire Staff member (HST and/or Family Liaison)


Ordering Update

  • The curriculum team is currently within a 12 hour turn-around!
  • Please reach out to curriculum@inspireschools.org if you have any pending orders that have not been filled.
  • All texts ordered through the curriculum department must be returned by mail to Acton, not to the LL or with Enrichment materials.

Academic Decathlon

  • We held our 1st ever Academic Decathlon Competition on Saturday!!!!!!!!

  • We had 4 testing regions up and down the state.

  • The Academic Decathlon State Competition will be held in Sacramento on March 22nd and 23rd with the awards ceremony on March 24th!

  • The Super Quiz is open to public! If you can, come out and support our students!

  • CAD is always is need of volunteers!

Inspire Central will move on and represent Inspire at the California Academic Decathlon State Competition in March!!!!
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Inspire Special Education 101

Brought to you by your SPED Directors

Tuesday, February 26th at 2:00pm


*new link*

Follow Up Q&A Sessions with Anna - TBA

High School

Let’s make sure our HS students have a great semester!

  • Check in with your families now

    • Has the student started all of their spring courses?

    • Is the curriculum a good fit for the student?

    • Do the courses listed in Pathways match the courses the student is working in?

  • Make sure HST has access to monitor all courses

  • Keep an eye on your 12th grade students!

    • Be sure they are taking the courses they need to graduate

    • Follow closely to be sure they pass them all!

    • Share IGP with HSSC (Liz Palmiter in South/PCA, Becky Skaggs in Kern)

    • Submit Petition to Graduate by 2/22/19

Professional Learning Communities: Learning from Student Work

  • We focus on projects together, empowering each other in innovative ways of thinking and working with our students.

  • PLCs use protocols to guide discussions.

  • We use the protocol to guide meaningful conversations about the work samples we are collecting.

  • We are committed to supporting our families in providing quality, meaningful work samples that demonstrate academic progress.

Sharing the Homeschool Heart

Quality, authentic work samples

Work samples that tell the stories of our students

Work samples that celebrate what our students are doing and learning

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Human Resources

Submitting additional units for advancement on the pay scale

  • Mail an official copy of the transcript to your HR Specialist

  • Use the following address:

Inspire Charter Schools

Attn: (HR Specialist Name (Mike Guzman))

1740 Huntington Drive #205

Duarte, CA 91010

Teacher Evaluations

Teacher Evaluations PPT

2018-2019 Teacher Evaluation Form

Information will be sent after our meeting.

Due: February 28th to your RC & Amy

Hemet Topics

Local Info Sessions

Hemet HS Info Session with Liz - Locations?

Kinder graduation/Award Ceremony

PFT/Vendor Fair