Edgar Allen Poe's Bio Critique

By: Emily Jackson

Connection One

This is a picture that is suppose to represent Elenora. Elenora in the poem is like Virginia; Poe's young love, who also happens to be his cousin.
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Connection Two

In the poem it says how men have called the narrator mad, and Poe was thought of as a mad writer since he himself dealt with a great deal of depression.
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Connection Three

Elenora does not fear death as she is taken at a young age. Just like Poe's young lover Virginia she too died too soon.
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Connection Four

Poe vowed to only love one beautiful lady, yet he faults him self for moving on. In this poem the narrator himself finds another lover, yet is taunted by the pain of feeling be-trail towards his past wife.
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Connection Five

Just as the Many-Colored Grass began to lose its luster and warmth, so did Poe's heart.
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