Team Hill Update

Dutch Fork Elementary Title One School, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Jump Rope for Heart Day!

We were a colorful crew today representing both the American Heart Association by wearing red and celebrating St. Patrick's Day with our green! Here is what we've been working on this week:

Math- We are working on measuring angles and will move into triangles and quadrilaterals next week. We are taking on Greg Tang's March Mathness Challenge tomorrow and look forward to some fun math challenges!

Reading- We have spent time this week focusing on making inferences while reading and naming the main idea of a text.

Writing- We are working on citing evidence from a text that we have read to prove our point of view or position. We have looked at articles on video games (pro and con) and how much PE time students should have a week.

Science- We began our unit on energy this week and have experimented with light and sound. Did you know that bees can see ultraviolet waves of light but not the color red? We thought this was pretty cool. We've experimented with reflecting light with a variety of mirrors as well as using prisms and cd discs to separate light into its full color spectrum better known as Roy G. Biv:) Today we used sound drums to feel the effects of sound waves (vibrations) and tomorrow we have 2 fun experiments with both sound and light energy!

Dr. Steven Thompson, from USC, along with some of his students, came to visit our classroom on Wednesday to help us do a probe to determine why some things feel hot and some things feel cold to the touch. After choosing an item to estimate the temperature of , students then placed a sticky note on our temperature line where they thought the item should go. Then we took the actual temp with thermometers and were rather surprised by the results! Ask you're child to fill you in on the surprising results:) We learned that things feel hot or cold to us because of the amount of heat leaving our hand and going to the object that we are touching. We look forward to Dr. Thompson and his cohorts coming back again soon!

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A few reminders

March 21- Math Games are due:)

March 24- Last day before Spring Break

March 25- no school

March 28- April 1 - Spring Break (Great time to make up time on reading logs:)

April 8- Tag of Honor 11 am

April 26-28 SC Ready State Testing

April 29 - Bingo Night for PTO

April 29- 4th grade gathering 1:45pm

May 17- Field Trip to Saluda Shoals

Gamecock Theme Bingo Basket

We are collecting items for our Gamecock Themed Bingo Basket for our classroom to donate for the Silent Auction raffle. The baskets are due to be turned in ready to go for the auction the week after spring break so that the advertising can begin! We'd love to have a wonderful basket ready to raise funds for our kids, so if you see anything over spring break with a Gamecock theme that you think would be a great addition to our basket, just have your child bring it in to school and we'll add it to our basket:)