Final Buzz for the school year...

Volume...Who knows ? Issue...I have no idea!

Points to Ponder

Words of the Month: SUMMER BREAK
Thoughts for the week: I'm so exhausted! But we made it!
Fun Week: Feel free to wear Jeans on Tuesday -Thursday of this week! However, be sure to pair your jeans with either FMES spirit wear or a nice shirt/blouse. Some of us got a little too "casual" for field day. Remember...we are professionals and must look the part, even in the last few days of school.
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Important Information

  • A huge thank you for being so flexible and accommodating during our indoor field day Friday. All things considered, it was a successful event and the kids had a fantastic time. Thank you to everyone that helped by covering classes, stations, collecting lunch counts, etc. It truly does take a village and we are incredibly lucky to have such a great one!
  • Be sure to utilize the checkout form that was shared with you via Google Docs. Your name must be cleared before you can leave for the summer. On Thursday, send both Jad and I an email to let us know you are ready for checkout. One of us will come inspect your room. Be sure to pay special attention to the packing instructions tab for information on how to leave your classroom. We will begin the official checkout process at 8am Thursday. Also, be sure to input your T-shirt size on "Office" tab.
  • New Logo Alert...Please don't forget to vote for our new school logo using the link below. If you don't like any of the choices, please feel free to select "None of the Above". On Monday morning, we will call student council members to Mrs. Walker's lab so that they can vote for a new logo. This should take no more than 5 minutes.
  • Don't forget about the end of the year party at Donna's house from 4-8 on Wednesday.We are going to have a blast and look forward to seeing you there!
  • Throughout the summer, please be sure to check your school email at least once a week for updates and messages regarding the incoming school year. Also, I encourage you to touch base with your grade level, have lunch together, plan fun outings and get to know each other. All of our grade levels and teams have experienced some sort of change and it is important for you to get to know each other so that you can work together as a cohesive team. I look forward to everything that the future holds for our Junior Jacket family. Our school is phenomenal because of what you bring to it. Each one of you is important to who we are as a unit. I appreciate you and your dedication to our children.

Winthrop Partnership Conference

This conference is FREE to us because of our participation in the Partnership Network. The Conference website is ready for continued registration AND building your session schedule. Please visit to login (if you have already registered) or register for the first time. Registering allows you to see the conference schedule, reserve your place in sessions, reserve email updates, and access handouts/presentations (available by June 3

rd). There are over 50 sessions to chose from with pre conference sessions available on the 6th. The full conference is on June 7th. Please consider participating. It is an opportunity to learn from other educators throughout the surrounding counties, all free of charge!

I hope you all enjoy your Summer Break! If you get bored, just remember that when you return...

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I'm available for you all summer should you need anything. Enjoy your break!