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A glimpse into your child's past week! October 15th

This newsletter will be kept extremely short this week. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about third grade thus far. I am a phone call or email away. Please do not wait until Conferences if there's something you'd like to chat about, because they are still a month away!

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- dry erase markers

- sharpened pencils

- headphones (if your child is able to bring in a pair, they would be just for their use and would come in handy on a regular basis)


This week we spent a lot of time classifying the world around us into two categories: Living and Non-Living. From there, we looked more closely at the Non-Living things to see if any were considered to be Earth Materials. Earth Materials are non-living things that have come FROM the earth. Examples would be rocks & minerals (iron ore, copper, water). Trees, plants, etc. would not be considered earth materials because they are living. This is an extremely difficult concept for students to grasp, so a great deal of time was spent on it.


In Social Studies this week we learned how to create and read Resource Maps. Students will be introduced to a Population density map next week and then we will begin wrapping up the first Social Studies topic and preparing for our Social Studies District test, which will be online for the first time this year.

I will send home a Review and an online game (via email) for extra fun once the test is closer... most likely the beginning of the week after next (October 26th or near there).


Our class should be extremely proud of the terrific job they all did on the Topic 1 Test: Numeration. We are now in the midst of Topic 2 and will conclude that early next week. From there we will move on to Topic 3, and then have a test that covers basic addition and subtraction with regrouping of 3 digit numbers. The Topic 2 & 3 tests will be combined into one very simple test. A review will come home for that as well, but it'll be a few weeks before the kids are ready for that.


This week we finished reading our shared novel and students were encouraged to take an AR quiz on it in the Lab on Friday (The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane). If you are interested in seeing how your child is progressing towards their AR goal, sign in to your Home Connect account (sheet was given in purple folder at Conferences) to see how it's going.


This week we wrote a whole class Personal Narrative about letting the Monarch butterflies go. Students had prewriting and rough draft steps of the Writing Process modeled for them. They also selected a story topic which they will begin working on next week.


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For now:

Tuesdays - Library 2:00 - 2:45

Fridays - Computer Lab 9:30 - 10:30

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


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Socktober runs all of this month! Socktober is an opportunity, sponsored by the Kindergarten class, to donate socks to homeless families. They are also accepted non-perishable food and household items, as well as blankets. There is a box where your child can donate their goods if they wish to participate.