ELL News

let the learnfest begin!


  • Please let me know if you have any conferences scheduled with your ELL students.
  • After conferences, I will need to meet with ILLP teachers, so we can update the ILLPs for quarter 2.
  • The OCR Resolution Agreement will be coming out this month. I will find out soon which students are part of the OCR Agreement.

Exploration First

The latest thinking has it that the most effective way to get students to learn these days is to flip the old model and instead have students first watch videos or read books, then do projects in the classroom. Au contraire, say researchers at Stanford University. They contend that you need to flip the flip after finding that students are much more likely to understand those videos and books, if they first do hands-on exercises in class that tap into their prior knowledge of a subject, say to solve a problem. Only then, the researchers said, are students able to fully grasp more abstract concepts.
Read more: http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/ideas/2013/08/10-things-weve-learned-about-learning/#ixzz2dKbPYHp8

Singing Anyone?

It apparently also helps to sing the words of another language. In a study published last month in the journal Memory & Cognition, scientists said that people who sang back phrases they heard in a foreign language were considerably better at learning it than people who simply repeated the phrases in spoken words. In fact, research participants who learned through singing performed twice as well as those who learned by speaking the phrases. The study required English speakers to learn Hungarian, which is a particularly difficult language to master.