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December 5, 2018


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Service...Erin Mendez

What could be more positive than seeing one of Santo Nino's students serving the community! The following note is from Erin's mother to Ms. Martinez:

Good morning Ms. Martinez

This is for Erin’s service hours;

Made 35 fleece scarves

Donated 6 bags of winter clothes sweaters jackets pants backpacks

Toiletries 25 bottles mouth wash

90 toothbrushes

52 pairs socks (new)

40 pairs of gloves (new)

10 knit hats (new)

25 care packages; toothpaste shampoo bar soap comb

10 fleece blankets (new)

6 boxes toothpaste

10 deodorants

Box of 12 dry soups

2 boxes ceral

6 canned foods

6 pairs of tennis shoes and boots gently used

She took them to the Youth shelter yesterday and they posted an article on their facebook page of Erin, they were very surprised and excited for all Erin had donated and the scarves that she made. They named Erin a Community Life Saver.

Erin had an idea to now make fleece pillow cases for the shelter and continue to make scarves.

Erin has also continued to collect items and make blankets for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

How amazing is this??? See the pictures below from the Facebook post.

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Join us for the Christmas Concerts at Santa Maria!

Thursday, December 6th

Lullabies and Laughs

1st & 2nd Grades - 5:30

Please arrive by 5:15 to assigned seats.

Christmas Joy

3rd-6th Grades - 6:15

Please arrive by 6:00 to assigned seats.

Dress is Christmas Sunday best. Look gorgeous :) Please no jeans. Shoulders and knees covered.

These concerts are 20% of each 1st-6th grader's music grade.

The programs are considered two separate concerts. Please stay for the entirety of your child's concert. (1&2 or 3-6). Our niños santos have worked hard and have created beautiful music for this celebration. Help is appreciated after the concert to return all instruments to Miss Echols' classroom.

Thursday, December 13th

The Stories of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Nativity Story

PrePreK, PreK, and Kindergarten - 6:00

Please arrive by 5:45 to assigned classrooms in costumes.

Always remember....

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come see me at any time. If my office is open, I am usually in there or running around the school. You can also usually find me early in the morning at drop-off or at pick-up in the afternoon. If all that fails, just email me at or set up an appointment with Christine.

I always love hearing good things, but I also want to hear your concerns.