Verbal Abuse

Being harassed by a bully and someone being verbal towards you. E.g someone calling you nasty names and being horrid.

Cyberbullying is abuse over the internet

Being bullied online by particular people. Most gangs/groups are often bully's. E.g someone being bullied several times continuous.

Texting is also cyberbullying

Cyber bullying is meant electronically by way of virtual computer over the internet or airways. Emailing people to embarrass them and hurt their feelings. E.g someone getting bullied more than once on the internet.

Online bullying

Online bullying

Cyber or internet bullying is where you are being bullied over the computer. This can be done by people leaving messages on websites, bebo, Facebook. E.g someone being bullied by the internet and having nasty comments and messages of people.

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Lauren Corkham, Roshgar Quadir, Joslyn Ogaro - 5/2/14