The Penndelian

All there's to know about Res. Life at Cairn's oldest site


Penndel residents are largely upperclassmen and thus we have made every effort to treat them as such. This ranges from the events we plan, the conversations we have, and the day-to-day assistance we give.

Words to Live by


We've always wanted to keep it "classy," but we didn't start using it as a concept to drive what we do until 2010. One of the best compliments we received during a 2010-11 event was that the event didn't have the immature feel of a youth group event. The student said: "This is definitely not a youth group event." Since then, we have attached ourselves to this idea: keep it classy.


This became a signature saying of 2012-13 RA team. The idea was a way of expressing the desire for Penndel RA's to be mature in all aspects of their role.

Quality, Not Quantity

Penndel's Resident Life team is smaller than the other sites. No problem. It's about quality, not quantity.
Hope5K - "Run For Hope"

Advice from the Past for the Future

Tips for Resident Directors

  1. For your walk-thrus, start in the back stairwell of H-house, work your way to E, then move to A through D, K through I, and then hit the front stairwells. Determined to be the best use of your energy.
  2. During warmer months, students like to leave their bikes in the fronts of the buildings. Ask students to put their bikes on the bike rack behind D. Also, keep track of bikes--some never get used and could be removed.
  3. During the extreme temperatures of the year, the doors become finicky in the cold and get stuck during the hot times of the year.
  4. The stone gardens in the front of the apartments collect a lot of trash and debris (not to mention weeds). Be sure to keep an eye on this.
  5. The renters appreciate being invited to events even if they don't come.
  6. Historically, heating in A & B houses have been an issue during the winter months. Often times, Campus Services will go over and "bleed" the pipes.

Tips for Resident Assistants

  1. If you are having trouble with program attendance, charge students a small fee (<$1) for supplies
  2. Penndel residents don't need you so you will have to pursue them
  3. Food! Food! Food! Penndel residents love to hangout when there's food involved

Where's a good place to eat? Where should I buy groceries? I wish I had a resource!

Past Resident Directors