1804 skyla rivers

dangers ahead

okay so I know what your thinking go down the organ trail no way to dangeros.well here are the dangers of the organ trail.there is hemlock,guns,rivers,drowning, oxen dieing, hunger, storms,natives may seem dangeros,but most are not!I know that may seem suprising but most natives are nice in fact they might help you.

things you need

I would probaly bring 5 pairs of clothes,food and water to last the whole journey,any souviners that you may have collected,a sleeping bag,a chair,a pair of shoes, a petti coat I'd recon, a mix'n bowl, pots "n" pans,a whip,achaol for ingeries,books,a journal,1000 pounds of food such as rice,berrys,baeans,flour,an oil lamp.


we will be traveling 20 miles a day and our belongings will be in a covered wagon pulled by oxen.at night we will make a circle of wagons did I meantion there will be other wagons traveling along with us.for the next 6 mounths.The trail begins in idenpendnce and we will be crossing 6 states including missura,kansas, nebrasca, wyoming, iduo, and finally we will get to organ.we will be crossing rivers, mountains,and very hot deserts.
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I would probaly stay out of danger.DON'T JUMP OF A WATER FALL THINKING IT WILL BE A GOOD FEELING!!!!!!! another peice of advice is be smart about your disions.my last peice of advice is be carful.


you should pick this trail beacuse it will get you a better life and an experince of a lifetime thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my paper


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