An Interview With Mr.Benford

By Kristen Grisham

What Makes Mr.Benford a Teacher

Robert Benford attended Dallas Baptist University in the fields of Physical Education and History and graduated with a BS, Bachelors of Science. Mr.Benford currently teaches World History for MISD at Midlothian High School. Mr.Benford has been teaching for an amazing amount of ____ years.

Being Real

Mr. Benford teaches world history for the tenth grade. Some classroom management skills used in the is that he allows the students to talk quietly among their peers. Teaching strategies that he uses is that he takes roll first while he lets the students write down their classrrom assignments for the class peiod. Mr. Benford puts in forty to fifty hours on a regular school week. His biggest challenge is trying to keep the students motivated enough to keep coming back interested. The biggest reward he achieves is being able to watch his students succeed. He says that on a scale one through ten, he needs a ten in the self-motivation spectrum. Mr. Benford is a devoted employee to the Midlothian Independent School District and is a magnificient teacher and inspiration to any student who crosses his path.
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