Welcome to our Science Open House

By: Jacob Paulino

My Earthquake PBL Project

The Earthquake PBL project was a demonstration to use different types of strategies to keep a house sustainable to earthquakes and we had to make a house for Tony Stark. What we did is we added cross-braces to keep the house very sturdy. We also added toothepicks sticking to the ground for supports so the house wont shake as much during a earthquake. Also we added string around the whole house to indicate the second floor. Lastly we made this house fully out of popcicle sticks and other specific amount of items. I learned that there a many ways to keep houses and people safer from earthquakes and that most of the ways are very simple.

My 30 Hands Project

The 30 hands project is a video anout the couses and outcomes of polution. For example one of the couses of global warming is the cutting and burning of trees becuase the trees will release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The most fun thing was creating the pic collages becuase you can customize the page however you want it.

Invention Convention

Our project is helping with ocean polution. As you may see our ocean ore bodies of water may be filled with trash, oil, and many other solids and substances so our invention is here to clean up the mess humans have made. Our invention is helping water polution by cleaning up all of the mess and other stuff inside of bodies of water