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Summer Wrap Up, then Back to Jewels!!

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Trunk Show with a View in Northeast Harbor, Maine

What a Summer!!

I don't know about you all, but I just loved my summer! It was such a great time filled with quality time with the family, lots of outdoor activities, the best ever Hoopla with our teammates, and a flexible business that let me balance it all! I am so grateful to be able to put things into perspective and shift my priorities during the summer months. I still kept my business going... with a handful of trunk shows like the one above - jewels with a view, lots of outside sales and was in touch with many of you who were going for goals or needed some one-to-one coaching. (I love Facetime BTW!) Yet I was able to be present for my kids, friends and extended family. I feel SO lucky to do what I do!! Hopefully you all experienced much of the same and enjoyed the flexibility in your businesses too!

I have to shout out a few of our teammates for their summer "work" success...
Erin Lockwood
, who walked into a bar studio on Nantucket while on vacation and set up with her jewels the very next day! Great initiative and a great example of using those jewels while on the go!! Kristen Ciambone who sent out personal messages with the trunk show theme images to 10+ prospective hostesses and booked several shows after following up! She now leads our team with 3 trunk shows booked for this month! That's really putting the 2242 to work!! Jackie Glasscock who reaped the benefit of all her reaching out earlier this summer with 3 trunk shows last month - two with over $1500 in sales & 2 trunk shows already on the books for this month! And finally Stephanie Fahmy who welcomed her long term client, friend and Stella & Dot enthusiast, Lucy Graham to the family and by doing so promoted to Lead Stylist! I see Associate in your future my dear!!

Over all, it would appear that our team had a very happy and well balanced summer between work & play!! Check out our team sales for July & August!!

Top Ten in Sales - July!!

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Top Ten in Sales - August!!

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It's September, and you know what that means....

As the kids all head back to school, all the moms are going to be looking for reasons to get out, catch up and toast that they survived summer vacation! A trunk show is the perfect excuse to do just that AND get a little back to school shopping for mom in too! It can't always be about the kids right? And before we know it October will be here - and holiday shopping begins to really ramp up! This is the time of year when we can make oodles of $$ and end up with all of our own holiday gifts/vacations/treats paid for with our little Blue Cards! Key is, meeting those November/December hostesses this month to book them in for the holiday season!

So what is MY plan?
First, I am taking a page from Carrie's book and taking this week to get organized. I know I am crazed this week personally with one kid off to school today - finally - but still preparing for the last two to get off to school next week. Katie, my oldest, is going to boarding school this year (sigh) and I had no idea how much stuff is required for her dorm room, sports, school books & clothes that meet dress code (thank GOD for my little Blue Card)!! So, in between shopping, packing & appointments I am taking the time that I do have at my desk this week to get myself organized so that I can hit the ground running next week. Secondly, I am spending a little time each day to text and email little notes to clients who are on my prospective hostess list with the Breast Cancer special and will be following up with them as well. My goal? 4 or 5 trunk shows this month (I have 1) and $5000+ in sales! So I am going to be working on booking and getting my calendar where I want it, so that I can be in a great position to be able to help you all do the same!

Organize, Plan & Declare!!
So get organized, make your plan & declare your goals for this month! Share them on our Facebook Page so we can all cheer you on and help you achieve them! Let's make this our best Fall season ever by kicking it off with a strong September! Who's with me?

Welcome to our new family members!!


Who wants to win $100 towards the new Collection??

I am going to raffle off two items (of the winner's choice) of up to $100 retail each from the new Holiday Collection. To be entered into the raffle you must achieve one or more of the following:
  • Sell $2500 in PQV
  • Book and host 5 qualified trunk shows ($300 with 4 unique orders)
  • Sponsor & mentor 1 new stylist. Each additional sponsor earns an extra entry.

So that means if you hit all three qualifications, you will have your name entered 3 times. Two people will win the drawing so go for it!! What would you pick out?? I personally have my eye on that new City Slim clutch that Blythe is holding below! Good luck!!

Lastly our September First 5 to 5 by 5 get 5!

Because so many really enjoy this little mini incentive, I am going to keep this one going because honestly, while it may only be a Tall Latte, its all about earning something you will really use!! So once again, the first 5 of you who are at $500 PQV by Sept. 5th will get a $5 gift card from Starbucks! 3 days to go!! Who's going to win next week?

Heather Stephens - Star Stylist & Mentor

I'm here to help you reach your personal goals, so reach out to me for any questions you might have! If you want to set up a weekly check-in & coaching call, let me know! We can work together to help you take your business to the next level!!