Global Warming and Ocean Chemistry

Virgin Islands (U.S.)

key facts

The coral included in this biome protects near by communities from hurricanes, over fishing, pollution, and higher ocean temperatures that cause coral bleaching.

impact of ocean acidity

increased ocean acidification poses risks to the very initial stages of life of the already threatened elkhorn coral, a key reef builder in the Caribbean Sea that provides critical habitat for other reef organisms. The earth's oceans are now absorbing excess CO2 from the atmosphere, tipping the chemical balance of sea water toward acidic.

Elkhorn coral now faces a looming threat from increasing ocean acidification: new research shows that exposing these corals to higher levels of acidity reduces successful fertilization and settlement of larvae on reefs

whats going to happen

because of the increasing acidity causing decreasing fertilization, the corals wont be or it will be very difficult for them to sustain life. without life the corals will not survive since the animals that live there and the corals rely on each other to stay alive; therefore a reduction/extinction of the corals will leave people vulnerable the things that the corals used to protect them from


  • elevating energy efficiency;
  • promoting renewable energy;
  • reducing coal emissions;
  • greening transportation; and
  • providing assistance to developing countries to reduce deforestation and switch to clean energy technologies.

Carbon fibre foot print

save: 1,459 gallons of gas

plant: 332 trees

recylce: 9228 tons of waste

If 100 of your friends took these actions, over 5 years their households would avoid 14,303,934pounds of emissions, equivalent to the emissions from burning 729,792 gallons of gasoline.

If you take all of the new actions you've selected:Dollar SavingsCO2 Reduction

Turn down heating thermostat on winter nights by 70℉$3654,088 lbs.

Turn up A/C thermostat in summer by 70℉$3103,196 lbs.

Replace 50 incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR lights$2002,018 lbs.

Replace your furnace or boiler with ENERGY STAR models$78728 lbs.

Use Green Power for 25% of your electricity 1,359 lbs.

Reduce the number of miles you drive on Vehicle 1$196662 lbs.

Replace Vehicle 1 with one that gets 30 MPG$3071,656 lbs.

Reduce the number of miles you drive on Vehicle 2$9823,311 lbs.

Replace Vehicle 2 with one that gets 30 MPG$6133,311 lbs.

Reduce the number of miles you drive on Vehicle 3$9823,311 lbs.

Replace Vehicle 3 with one that gets 30 MPG$9204,967 lbs.

Your Estimated Totals:$4,95428,608 lbs.

By taking all of the actions you are already doing:Dollar SavingsCO2 Reduction

Enable the power management features on your computer$13131 lbs.

Wash your clothes in cold water$24244 lbs.

Replace your refrigerator with ENERGY STAR models$38394 lbs.

Replace your window with ENERGY STAR models$1502,947 lbs.

Perform regular maintenance on your vehicles$3862,086 lbs.

Recycling: newspapers, glass, plastic, aluminum and steel cans, magazines 873 lbs.

Your Estimated Totals:$6116,675 lbs.