See the Sea Anemone

Chris Swan


From the depths of the ocean to the light of the coral reef, the sea anemone can be found. The sea anemone are a wondrous organism that has a vast habitat (as long as it is tropical) a colorful appearance, and a co-dependent diet.


In conclusion, sea anemone are a fascinating sea creature to learn about . They blend in very well with the coral reef like camouflage which is why they are able to catch and eat its prey. This kind of feature helps them survive, live long and not be hungry.

Go Fish!

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In the “go fish” activity I spent 247.25 in total. The fish I bought were: 1 powder blue tang, 1 yellow tang, 1 blue hepatus tang, 2 male betta and 2 domino jaruzel. The 20 gallon tank is enough to support my fish who total 17 inches in length. I enjoyed shopping for my fish,I wish we could have a real fish tank in class.