All Summer In A Day

Ray Bradbury

Plot Summary

All Sumemr In A Day is a short story by Ray Bradbury about a class of school children living on the planet Venus which is known for its never-ending rainstorms, all day, everyday, except for 2 hours every seven years where the clouds dissapear and the sun shines.

The main charcter, Margot, moved to Venus from Earth 5 years ago and has memories of the sun unlike the other children who refuse to listen to her. She tells story's of the sun and how it felt on her skin and looked. "The sun is like a fire in a stove", Margot would say. Out of jelousy the other children lock Margot in a closet during the only house the sun is shining.

With all the excitement the children forgot about Margot and went outside, enjoying the sunlight, prancing in the grass, picking flowers and soaking up all they could in the little time they had. A raindrop is felt on one of the childrens faces, followed by more drop, and soon it was pouring down with rain again. A girl sunndenly remembers that Margot is still in the closet. They stand frozen, ashamed of what they'd done.

They decide to let her out, guilt is written across their faces.