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Mrs. Wallerstedt 09/04/2020

Reminder - No School Monday, September 7th due to the Labor Day Holiday!!

Way To Go Panthers!!

Park View Families -

Thank You for your incredible efforts to help your child(ren) start their remote learning. The staff appreciates all of the time, phone calls, and meetings to help make your child(ren)'s beginning of the year successful. We are amazed at the student's efforts and we are very happy to get started. We know this year will be filled with many transitions, but we are confident that each step we take will be focused on safety and continued learning. Mrs. D'Amore created a tip sheet for families to help with a strong start to remote learning. Please click here for that sheet. Thank you for being a caring, positive encouraging community. We love our Park View families!!

Tips for Wifi At Home

Working at home on Wifi can be a challenge depending on how many people are using it simultaneously. One tip that can help to avoid getting knocked off is to do a Wifi check. Take a computer around the house to every room and find those areas of both strong and weak signal strength. This will help you and your children to know where those optimal places are to set up their learning stations.

Attendance During Remote Teaching & Learning

It is very important when your child is sick and cannot attend school that you continue to call our attendance line at (630)827-4041. If you reach the voicemail please leave the following information: student's name, students grade & teacher, reason for absence. If it is for illness, please be specific with symptoms.

Teachers will also be taking attendance to determine if their students are in class each day. They will determine attendance by the following criteria: student attends live teaching sessions and/or student completes all work assigned for that day. If a teacher does not see a child during live teaching AND does not see evidence of student completion of work for that day, the child will be marked absent for that day. The teacher will give each student all day - through the evening of that day to complete the work because we know some students may be completing the work outside of remote learning hours.

School Kit Pick-Up at Park View

Each grade level has thoughtfully put together a kit of materials to make remote learning more effective and successful at home. These are materials families would not normally have at home, but are more specific to the grade level activities done in class. Parent and Teacher feedback from this past summer indicated school kits were necessary and needed for remote learning. Please have your child keep these items in a container that they can access at their learning station when they are in remote learning. Please stress to your child these items should stay in their kits. If your child is doing their remote learning at a daycare location, ask the adults to help your child keep those items in their container and not use them as toys in other places, or with other children.

Below is a link that will bring you to the Park View Pick-Up Schedule we have developed. Pick up will happen on Thursday, September 10th from 2:30 - 5:30 pm in the south parking lot loop. Please look at the scheduled times (below) so you know when pick up is for your family. If you cannot attend at the day/times listed, you can have another family pick-up for you child(ren).

PTA Meeting Coming Up

Please join the PTA for a meeting Tuesday, September 8th at 7:00 pm. It is virtual so you can join right from here by clicking on this link on the date/time listed above. All Park View parents are welcome to join in. We hope to see you.

Park View Panthers!!

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