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As you might already know, the FSEB had the law that stated: "you cannot create a person with Biogel, from FoxBiogel Systems", but thanks to Jenna Angeline Fox, the laws changed. Now a person could be made of Biogel, but at least 10% of his/her original self must be saved (also known as Jenna standard because only 10% of her were saved). The FSEB is also likely to change the Jenna standard to 5%, but has it's doubts. Can a soul of a person really stay it those 5%? Is it enough for the Biogel to remember how the body functions? This is the biggest doubt of the FSEB.

The interview with Jenna Angeline Fox!

Here is the interview with Jenna, who has helped raise our population by changing the laws to make using Biogel legal:

Q: Do you think FSEB should make the Jenna standard even less than 10%? Why or why not?

A: Well, since I am myself 10%, I know how it feels to be the minimum. You always doubt just how human you are, and if you are worth all the work done for you, so I think that it shouldn't be lowered.
Q: Why did you go through all the trouble making Biogel legal?
A: I have a couple of reasons. My first one is that I can't live with myself being illegal. I am a rule follower and I also can't hide forever. The second reason is because I think some people deserve to have second chances.
Q: How did your idea about making Biogel legal start?
A: Me and my friend Allys are both made of Biogel, and we both thought that being made of Biogel isn't bad at all. Maybe other people would like to be saved too, like us. Their family would be happier as well.
Q: How did you actually start changing the laws?
A: Well, me and Allys had first helped a couple of families with children dying. The families were grateful and told the others. After a couple of months, the world knew us. The FSEB had to change the laws, or else a lot of people would throw a rebellion.
Q: Was your help ever turned down by families?
A: Yes, actually. A lot of people thought that it was risky having their loved ones being made up with gel, especially illegally.
Q: How did Allys end up being made of Biogel?
A: We started talking about the politics and FSEB, and she mentioned the FoxBiogel Systems. Allys put the two and two together and figured out I was his daughter, who was supposed to die from an accident. She had a bad disease that time, it was supposed to shut down all her organs, so one day her family came into our house and asked for help. I'm still surprised that Allys had not turned my family into the FSEB.
How did you find out you were made of Biogel?
A: I was exploring around our new house as I saw a dark room. I later found out that backups to me and my now dead friends were stored there. I accidentally stabbed my hand very badly and deeply, so beneath a thin layer of muscles I found Biogel. Later, I asked my parents about it and they explained to me.
Q: Were you mad when your parents told you that you were only 10% real human?
A: Yes, I was. The reason that they had lied to me, even for my own sake had ticked me off. I hated liars and all their secrets. As much as my parents wanted to protect me with lies, the truth had to come out sometime, so I don't blame them now.
Q: Was it ever a problem being made of Biogel for you?
A: Yes. First, more than half of my memories was lost, and sometimes, it was hard to move as gracefully as I was able before being made 90% of Biogel. Even my personality changed - some traits went with my memories, but I gained some too.
Q: Do you still doubt that you are human?
A: Not anymore, especially now that there are more people like me, I don't feel like I am one of a kind. Since there was more research about Biogel effects, I'm not scared that something wrong will happen to my mind or my body.


We'll have a lot rain for the weekend! The temperature will vary from 45 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit and the rain will vary from a downpour in Los Angeles to a light drizzle all the way near Nebraska.

Obituary - Claire Fox

Claire married Mathew Fox. She had 3 children with him but only 1 survived. It was credit to her that Jenna (Claire's child) was made of Biogel. Claire went beyond the laws to protect her only child. As she tried to keep her daughter safe, Jenna found out about her mother's extreme love, and had decided that she wants to show herself to the world and it worked out great. Claire died of unknown causes.