Chelsea Piers Field Trip

Jump Climb and Learn!


Chelsea Piers is an educational and fun place to go on our field trip. It would be a good team building experience and we could learn how to rock climb. I also know many students who like the trampoline room so we could go there. It would be a fun end of school field trip. We would go towards the end of May for an end of year celebration.


This field trip would cost $36 per student. Teachers and chaperones are always free.

The bus cost would be $2,000 and we would need 5 buses.

188 + 10 = 198. There would be 6 chaperones because the ratio is 1:12 chaperones to students. Since we would need 16 chaperones and there are 10 teachers in our grade, only 6 parent chaperones are needed. That means there are 204 people.

The bus capacity is 45 people.

C = Bus capacity

P = People total

P / C = 4.53333.

I round that up to 5 buses.

5 * $400 = $2,000.

Teachers and chaperones do not pay for the admission or buses so I add the bus cost ($2,000) and the admission ($25). My equation is:

$2,000+($25 * 188) = X

$2,000+($4,700) = X

X = $6,700

X = The total cost of the field trip

Since there are 188 students I would use this equation to figure out the cost per student:

$6,700 / 188 = $35.64

I round that up to $36 and the 36 cents would go to the school.

Also students would bring their own lunches because lunches are not provided there.


We would have 16 chaperones and teachers total.

1:12 Chaperone to students ratio

188/12 = 15.6666...

Rounded up to 16 chaperones total.

Since there are 10 teachers we would need 6 parent chaperones.


I asked students to rate Chelsea Piers 1 to 5, 5 being the most interesting and fun field trip. 80% rated it a 4 or a 5. Only 7 of the students said it would be interesting (a 3) and the rest of the students said it would be a super interesting field trip. No one thought it wouldn't be fun. "It would be good because it is fitness, fun, and teamwork!" says one of the students.


Chelsea Piers is in Stamford, Connecticut and is about 30 minutes away from school with no traffic, and 40 with traffic max. It is 16.3 miles there and 32.6 miles altogether. In total the round trip would take about an hour to and hour and 15 minutes

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We would leave around 9:00 and get there around 9:40. Everyone is welcomed in at 9:45. From 10:00-12:00 we would rotate through trampolines, climbing, basketball, and team building. Each activity would be about 30 minutes. At the end of the activities we would have lunch at 12:00. The field trip concludes at 12:30 and we are led back to the buses. We would be back around 1:30.


All pictures from Chelsea Piers and Google Maps.

All info from Chelsea Piers CT