Mysterious Powders

lab report


my group decide to test with idiom pH pt and limpness paper. the reason we did all of this is to see if it changed choler, fizzed, bubbled, and to see if it had starch
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test pitchers

the first one you see is 2 spots that is pt and ac-hale the 2 one you see is idiom and the last one you see is vinegar

what i learned

what i learned is how to work in a group, how to test for base and accedes, how to work with this liquids idiom, pr, pt, littleness paper, vinegar, and ac-hale, and how to add all the powders with the liquids.


well if you look at it under a hand lens it looks like it has a powder and rocky also when we add vinegar it fizzed for 5 seconds and stopped when we add idiom it tested possessive for starch when we add pt it started to deaves and when we add ac-hale it did the same as pt.