E&L Staff Weekly Lineup

February 7, 2020

Success Stories

Everyone made it to work safely today!

Remmington won 1st place at Flushing's Spelling Bee! He will be here at GISD to continue the Bee! Congratulations buddy!!

We DO have February birthdays!

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GISD Tidbits and Updates

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Super Hero Ripple Challenge

Today is the last day to submit entries!

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome back to the New Year 2020! The time off for the holiday break sure went by quickly and I hope you all enjoyed the time with your family and friends.

The December 6, 2019, Spark Note highlighted the 2020 Annual GISD Ripple Challenge. It is time to get your RIPPLE on!!!! If you choose to participate for the possibility of winning a fabulous prize, you must recognize a superhero in your life! We all have someone who has made a positive impact on our life. Now is the time to step up and let that person know! A more detailed explanation is attached along with the challenge rules. Let the fun begin and take the next step by recognizing that someone in your life. Cards have been distributed and are available at each of our programs to complete. Do not forget to submit your survey and photos! You will need a google account to complete the survey at https://tinyurl.com/gisdsuperhero2020. If you are unable to access your google account, please complete a helpdesk ticket for assistance. Let the Ripple begin! Enjoy, Cindy

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Here's to a Healthy New You!

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212 is Next Week!

Donation Day will be February 12. This year our Day of Giving will include 51 projects ! A list of items that can be donated can be found at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1StTSbSmIycfPBsexjhryCtwvLBjUQhm37k3IJt-x0E0/edit#gid=0

Anyone who donates will receive a T-shirt . The donation Day drop off location will be in the Legacy Auditorium! PopCans and Non-perishable Food Drive will also occur.

WIDA Testing

WIDA Testing will be occurring over the next six weeks. Please direct any phone calls/inquires to Christy Gibson!

March is Reading Month

The Navigator's Service Crew will be accepting donations of new or gently used books. These books will be used to read to children in different programs within GISD, Genesee County, and beyond!

Donation boxes, as well as sign up sheets (for those who wish to read, or wish their program to be read to), will be placed throughout the buildings and programs at the beginning of the year.

More information to come!

Call for pictures

If you have great pictures of things happening on your programs that we can include in the Yearbook please send to moments@geneseeisd.org.

E&L Program Events

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Next Week's Leader

We are looking for a volunteer to be next week's leader! Line up is scheduled for February 14, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in the Collaboration Space.

We look forward to seeing you there!

GISD Credo Card

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We Believe:

We pledge to provide the highest quality programs and services.

Motivational Quote

If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow.
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