How we Want to be Perceived

By: Kaydee Rowley

I think that out of all the things that Millennials want to be known for, being an individual is on the top of our lists. Everyone wants to be our own person and develop new ideas. People create things to catch the eye of everyone but no one wants to do something that someone else has already done. If people recreate what you have already created, people get offended and take it way too seriously; in that sense our individualism shines thru, but so does our selfishness. We are overdramatic about many things and take things further than they need to be taken. We are no perfect generation and we are not afraid to admit to our faults or our negative attributes.

We were born into a world of developing ideas of technology and social media. Other generations confront us on our obsessive use of our phones or computers but we were raised among the technology age so we don't know anything else. We have never had to look in books to find research or encyclopedias because we could always rely on having the internet on our fingertips with fast and credible knowledge. This has shaped us into a very efficient group of hard workers. Phones do contribute to distracting us from doing our work or keeping us from getting anything done, but for the ones who use it wisely do get work done very fast. Other generations also think that our phones make us lazy but what they don't know is we still have to work hard. Teachers give us extremely hard assignments and tests all the time. Most people are working, going to school, taking a college course, and babysitting a sibling. We have to work very hard for everything we want and we never get any recognition for that.

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Social media is a crazy place that breeds crazy people. People on social media encourage wild and unsafe behavior to capture the attention of the people watching. Everything has changed to "how many likes can this get?" or "how many followers will this get me?" It is not a good thing that we've gotten ourselves into, doing unsafe things for attention, but it has made us so creative and helped everyone develop an individual character. I agree with the Generation Me video that everything we do is for the likes. We spend hours liking peoples pictures or liking their videos in hope that they will like ours back.
One of the many downfalls to social media is the social anxiety levels it gives people. When someone is an abuser of social media they most likely develop social anxiety so it becomes very hard for them to talk to people without talking thru a screen. They become very closed off and it is hard for some of us to watch our friends get sucked into the world of social media. I think that social media has effected us in a wonderful way but it puts a lot of pressure on so many people that it hurts them physically and it is painful to watch. Many adults probably see that and think that it means technology is a terrible thing and is useless but it has shaped so many of us into wonderful, caring, and accepting people. We are able to communicate with people all over the world and not judge them. That's my favorite thing about my generation, we don't care who or where someone is from, we accept them for who they are. We are the first generation to accept any sexuality other than straight and any other genders besides female and male. It is a beautiful thing that we are able to accept everyone and I feel so honored that I am able to live in such an open generation.