portraying leafs' nature

12 December, 2013 - Elena Ulyanova

Portraying Leafs' Nature

At this class "Portraying Leafs' Nature" Elena shall demonstrate the way to get bright vivid prints on all kind of fabrics as wool, silk, linen and cotton immediately out of the dye-pot and no curing time required.

What we will do

Except for the contact dyeing methods Elena will show the way she works with mordants, pH differences, modifiers, colorfast and lightfast. These are main general topics. She will prepare some materials for the class to show. She will show also shortly how you can get batik with natural prints.

Note: you will make some prints yourself on this day. Most of the time you will watch, ask questions and make photo’s while Elena is demonstrating during the seminar.

Who is Elena Ulyanova

click http://pddblog.wordpress.com or https://www.facebook.com/FivePointsStudio

Elena Ulyanova from the Ukraine grew up with natural interest for plants and textiles.

She took post graduate studies in the subject of Chemical Technologies and Design of Fibrous Materials and has studied the historical natural dyeing of the Ukraine. Her dye process is never at random, but always with calculating the ratio, etc. She bases her dyeing practice on this knowledge. However she narrowed the range of chemicals she is using for the process to the less hazardous ones and sources her materials and stuffs mostly from the natural sources, which she will dwell upon during the class.


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