Green Revolution and GMO's

By: Hunter Cochran

What are the causes and results of the Bengal Famine in 1943?

The primary cause of the famine was the lack of food production and hoarding of food by Indian traders in the region. India was British ruled at the time and food production was not a priority for them. The result of the famine was a highly increased focus on food production. Their solution was the Green Revolution.

Basic elements of the Green Revolution in India

-expansion of farm areas

-double cropping

-seeds with better genetics (HYC)

Positive Results of the GR

- No longer a shortage of food

- Became economically important for food production

Economic, Social, and Political results

Limitations of Green Revolution in India

-Agricultural output still falls short every once in a while

-Lack of biodiversity

-Areas of India are still experiencing extreme hunger

GMO Pros and Cons


-insect resistance

-more productive

-less chemicals needed

-more nutritious


-Unknown long term effects

-Possible gene transfer to wild plants

-Allergic reactions

-Less antibiotic efficiency