Bulldog Bulletin

Next week will be the best week yet at "The Park!" 5/9/2016

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This Week

STAAR week! Let's be comfortable to best take care of our students! PD for summer is online! Sign up quick to get what you want! See the link below!

Monday- STAAR Reading

Tuesday- STAAR Math, Guiding Coalition

Wednesday- STAAR Science

Thursday- Kindle Meeting after school 4-5:30

Friday- SLOs DUE

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Flipped PD

We are beginning to film exemplars for our bank. If you have something you would like to share, let us know!

The collaboration menu is in the Learning Academy.

There is also an incentive for participating in the Collaboration Menu. On the attachment, under each category, it tells you how many times you get your name in the drawing. At the end of each week, each teacher's name will go into the drawing for however many categories they have completed (it can be as many times as you do) and Cameron will draw 2 names for prizes such as: extended lunch, leaving an hour early, special parking spot, jeans day, etc. (IF YOU HAVE IDEAS FOR OTHER PRIZES THAT WE CAN GIVE AWAY, PLEASE LET ONE OF US KNOW AS WE ARE OPEN TO MORE SUGGESTIONS!)

If you create or complete a flipped PD, there will be a basket on Cameron's office door to which you will turn them in and one of the ILT members will sign off to give you credit.

Professional Reading

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Bulldog of the Week- Gwen Montero

WOW! Just wow! Thank you so much for bringing Cinco de Mayo to life! It would not have happened without you. Also, thank you so much for helping us celebrate our wonderful teachers this past week!

Bulldog Teacher of the Week- Carol McGaughey

Ms. McGaughey made the awesome video below. She also helped mc and facilitate the acts at Cinco de Mayo and as always helps us execute our Bow Wow Pow Wow!
STAAR Test Song

This week in pictures!