Revolutions Worldwide

-Shania Hawkins

What is Political Revolution?

This is an altering, or change, in a government. Political Revolution has had many events throughout our history, and will continue to do so into the future.

The American Revolution

The American Revolution was something everyone will not forget. Colonists struggled with new taxes, bloodshed, and even some of their rights stripped away. The thirteen colonies joined together to break away from British ruling. There is a famous quote of one colonist who stated "No Taxation without Representation." The blood that was shed was from the Boston Massacre where many people were shot by British troops, and died. As of their rights being stripped away, the king of Britain claimed everyone could only buy British tea which caused them to boycott, and create the event at the Boston Harbor. These colonists developed a major turning point in History as some of them got together to create The Declaration of Independence we all know today.

The Russian Revolution

During the 19th century, a Russian by the name of Czars had attempted westernizing and industrializing Russia without using any of the French Revolution freedom ideas. In return, Czars became very harsh. A small revolution appeared in 1905 causing some minor reforms to appear. After Czar was forced from power, a group known as the Bolsheviks took over the country igniting the Communist Revolution to take place. Their lifestyles grew better due to the development of improvement in their basic living conditions, and changed many people's lives.

The French War

Due to being taxed to compensate for the battle over North America, they soon came into debt and brought tensions into the Revolutionary War. The colonies wanted to overcome the French in North America and asked for permission to raise armies to defend themselves. King George II rejected. Countries allied together to crush Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. The French weren't going to invade Britain until it gained control over the seas.