Morris Gleitzman


I think that the theme of this book is you're going to take risks. When you take those risks it could end up good or it could end up bad. In this book the boy named Felix takes a risk, and he goes on the streets to go find food and water for the other kids. Onetime he was in an apartment hiding because there were nazis in it searching for people who had hidden from them. He got out from under the bed and went silently to the front of the apartment to leave, but then a nazi spotted him. The nazi started to yell for others. When Felix heard him yelling he took off running and escaped. That was another risk Felix took in this book.
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This book is about a boy named Felix who's parents were too poor to keep him at their house, so they brought him to an orphanage. He lied to everyone there and told them he had no family, but he really did. He escaped from the orphanage and went back to his old house. Then he saw other people that were not his family in the house. The house used to be a bookstore in the front but now it was only a house that had all of these clothes in the front. He was so confused and didn't know what to do. He set off on a journey to find his parent when he approached a burning house with two dead parent and dead chicken laying in the yard. When he got closer he found a young girl in the yard. The girl was named Zelda. He brought her with him and didn't tell her about her parents being dead. When they were looking for their parents even though Zelda's were dead they saw a man. He took them with him to a cellar in an old newspaper factory. On occasion the man would go out to find food. Then one night Felix decided to go with him. When they were out they went to a nazi area. The man Felix was with turned out to be a dentist and helped people with their teeth. That's how they got their food. One night while Felix and the man whose name is Barney went searching for medicine because Zelda was sick. All of a sudden while Felix was in the house nazis broke in and searched the house, but Felix hid and didn't get caught. When he was running back to the cellar he saw nazis pointing guns at the newspaper factory and taking everyone out of the cellar. Eventually Felix went to them and they all started to walk in the country to a station for the Jews and prisoners to be shipped to a camp. They got on a train and sat on it for days crowded and nervous of what was going to happen next.

Historical Information

In this Felix talks about Hitler and Rachel Crompton. Rachel Crompton was and actual author born in 1890. She wrote a series called Just William. Which is one of Felix's favorite book series. Adolf Hitler was also mentioned in this book. Adolf Hitler isn't a good man, but we all know about him. In this book Felix prays to all of these people including Hitler. When Felix realizes what Hitler is doing he stops praying to him.
Once by Morris Gleitzman