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Georg Brandt

Georg Brandt, a Swedish chemist/mineralogist, discovered cobalt around 1730. He researched the difference between cobalt and other similar metals such as bismuth, zinc, and mercury.

The Facts

  • Cobalt is a solid, lustrous, silvery-blue metal.
  • Cobalt is magnetic.
  • Cobalt gives glass products a blue tint.
  • Cobalt is very brittle.
  • Cobalt is somewhat reactive, and will only react with oxygen and ignite if it is in powder form.


Because of its interaction with glass, cobalt is often used for glass sculptures, vases, etc. It also is used in steel alloys because of it's high strength and resistance to oxidization.

Atomic Structure

Atomic Number: 27

Mass Number: 58.933

Protons: 27

Neutrons: 86

Electrons: 27