Russia’s War on Selfies

Lajavion Randle- Feb 8, 2016


The death of teens taking selfies in Russia is being taken very seriously and precautions are being taken to ensure safety and order so that further problems don't occur.


  • 10 Russian teens died in 2015 from trying to take daring selfies
  • Russian schools are also focusing on selfie safety education for teens, who are particularly vulnerable to the dangers.
  • As Russian Interior Ministry spokeswoman Yelena Alexeyeva says: “We would like to remind the citizens that the chase for ‘likes’ in social networks can lead to the road of death.”
  • Russian authorities are sending with their new “Safe Selfie” campaign, launched amid an epidemic of selfie deaths worldwide in 2015.


The article talks about teens doing dangerous things just to take selfies. Russian authorities have taken action by handing out flyers to make people aware of how dangerous taking selfies for likes on social media really is. The main audience that the article seemed to be talking about were the teens, mainly because teens are the ones using social media the most and are doing these dangerous things just to post a selfie online for others to see.
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Bandstand : Girl drowns at Bandra while taking selfie, feared dead