Best Field Trips Across the Country

By: Jonathan, Mahima, Sydney, and Lucas

Cultural sites by Jonathan

I recommend for the best field trips in United States, you should visit China Town in San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, and the NFL Hall of Fame.

China Town San Francisco: China Town in San Francisco is the largest China town outside of Asia. It is one of the oldest China town in North American. When visiting China Town, you can enjoy a variety of Asian food like dim sum, noodles , and moon-cakes, shops, food markets and small museums. To celebrate the Moon Festivals, there will be Lion Dancers as well as Chinese cooking classes.

Golden Gate Bridge: The Golden gate bridge is a fun experience. It is a suspension bridge and a mile-wide. It crosses between a strait that leads from San Francisco to the Pacific Ocean. There are 756-foot tall towers and sweeping main cables. Every year there is 10 million visitors going through and seeing the magnificent beauty of this bridge. The signature orange color makes it stick out from the San Francisco. This would be one of the best sites to visit.

Canton Ohio NFL Hall of Fame: The NFL Hall of Fame is located in Canton Ohio. It is a great place to visit for football fans. The Hall of Fame is where great former football players are inducted for their great football career. In the museum, you can see the players record breaking stats, football jerseys, and their statues. The best thing is going through the Hall of Statues Heads in the Hall of Fame.

Extended tours sites By: Lucas

Sea World: Sea rescue , Generation nature, Sea world for kids, The wild life docs, games and apps and much more. You can learn about the sea life, learn about the different habit and more. There is a tv show hosted by Matt Gutman, he talks about the sea life rescue. It is a good time with your kids you can ride rides and come see animals at our zoo and have fun.

Tampa Bay Florida: Tampa Bay has lavish resorts and cozy hotels diamonds delights. Also great wi-fi and fully stocked kitchens. Tampa Bay also has great beaches with best sand hand water.

Pebble Beach Resorts: You can go swimming, You can go golfing you can more to. There are hotels numerous shopping places. There Is fun things to do and you will have a unforgettable moment at Pebble Beach Resorts.