Camps in The Holocaust

By: Alex McGinnis


In the dark times of the Nazi’s reign the Jews and other races, ages and homosexuals. The Nazi people did not respect other people that were not Nazis. The Nazis put people in camps, also known as death, concentration camps. The death camps smelling with the scent of rotten burning flesh. People in concentration camps starving to death with signs on the entrance saying “Work will make you free” but most died in the camps. The rest of this essay will be about people who died, how many people died and how many camps are located in Poland.

Types of Camps

There were two types of camps Death camps and Concentration camps. Death camps were a horrific type of camp for many reasons. One reason was that they had gas chambers rooms that people were crowded into and then filled with gas mostly Zyklon B. Zyklon B in some gas chambers stained the walls blue. Death camps had thousands of deaths which was a lot compared to other forms of homicide. A lot of people remember the death camps.

Names of People

The next part being talked about is names of people. These people have chosen because they were important. The first name is Ernst Cohen he was a chemist by occupation, Cohen’s fame resides in his works on the allotropy of metals. Throughout his life, he studied chemistry, which was precisely aimed towards allotropy of tin. He published more than 400 papers, and several books. After serving as an assistant for several lecturers and scientists, he became a lecturer at the University of Utrecht. He was nominated a Foreign Member of the Royal Society in 1926. He has also been credited and appreciated for his efforts to bridge the gap between the scientists of Western Europe and those of Germany. He was killed on fifth of March, 1944, in a gas chamber, Auschwitz concentration camp. Another name is Georg Alexander Pick which was Arguably one of the greatest minds that the world lost during the Holocaust, Pick was an Austrian mathematician. In his last days, Pick had fled to Prague. However, after Germany invaded Czechoslovakia, Pick was sent to Theresienstadt concentration camp, where he spent his final moments, dying just two weeks later. The reason Pick makes this list was his contribution to mathematics. He is best known for Pick’s Formula, which he invented to measure the area of lattice polygons. His research spread to mathematical physics as well and has the honor of working with the great Albert Einstein. While at the German University of Prague, Pick worked with Einstein and familiarized him with the works of Italian mathematicians, in the field of absolute differential calculus. This was a great stepping-stone in Einstein’s formulation of General Relativity. Pick was known to be a very smart and dedicated person, who had a gift of getting in the depth of ideas. He is also credited for formulation of Schwarz-Pick lemma and Schwarz-Ahlfors-Pick theorem. My last name is Abraham Icek Tuschinski who was a Dutch businessman, who is famous for his construction of Tuschinski Theatre, in Amsterdam. Tuschinski had a chance to emigrate to the U.S but decided to stay in Rotterdam, where he opened four more theatres, with the most luxurious being the Grand Theatre. He enjoyed immense success in his theatre business and his Tuschinski Theatre was the biggest in the Netherlands, at the time. The city was, however, bombed during the World War II. Later, he was arrested and murdered at Auschwitz concentration camp

Numbers of Deaths

Next thing being talked about is Deaths. There were without a doubt tons of deaths but how many of them were caused by camps? There were three million jewish deaths in the killing centers alone. In total approximately 11 million people perished. How people were killed in killing centers was either execution or gas chambers.

Number of Survivors

The next topic is Survivors. How many people survived in total, concentration camps, and death camps. Approximately 900,000 people survived in total most of them being jews. Some people survived concentration but unfortunately in death camps most died.


Now they know what happened during the holocaust in camps and how many died and how they died. But also learned how many people survived. You learned some popular names and who they were and what they did.