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AnnMarie Menish


Name of movie: Cinderella.

Actors/actress: Ilene Woods as Cinderella; Eleanor Cudley as Lady Tromaine; Verna Felton as fairy godmother.

Cinderella is a classic tale about a little girl whose father dies, and her cruel step-mother takes over the house. When Cinderella grows older her step-mother doesn't let her attend the ball. She finds help from her mice friend and fairy godmother.

The movie is made in 1950.

The moral of the story: no matter what the situation is never give up on your dreams.

The suggested audience is : PG

Rainbows: colorful Spectrum or an Image?

Rainbows occur when it’s rianing but sunny outside. Rainbows can be seen in

fog or spray not just rain. Rainbows are made when rain-drops reflect the sun

and creat a colorful image. Not all sun light that enters a rain will become a

rainbow. Rainbows have realaxing and healing qualities. Most people only see

(red, yellow, blue, and purple.) when looking at a rainbow. Rainbows

are symbols of peace and harmony. People say you can only see a rainbow if the

sun is behind you and rain in front of you. There are primary and secondary rainbows,

like when you see a double rainbow. A second rainbow or double rainbow is fainter because

it doesn’t have the same energy. A rainbow is not an arch, but forms more of actually a circle. We only see it has an arch. Many Irish people believe when you reach the end of a rainbow you will find gold from a leprechaun. You can’t actually find the end of a rainbow. When you move, your vision of the rainbow moves, thus you can never reach the end of a rainbow.

Sir Isaac Newton discoverd the different colors of a rainbow.

Terrible Scare in Forest

On January 15, 2003, when Miss Muffet was in the forest

eating her curds (her lunch) after a long morning at work,

a giant spider sat down beside her and asked for a bit of her

curds. After rudely refusing the spider a bit of her curds,

the spider turned into a monster and scared Miss Muffet half to

death. After going into complete shock and fainting,

she was picked up by the spider and taken to the hospital.

The spider apologized. Miss Muffet decided to not press

any charges. She says she’ll have to think twice about

eating her curds in the forest.


Good things

1. the students have a more opportunity to learn.

2. We could graduate earlier

3. We would get jobs when we're young

4. We would change the laws so we could possible drive cars

Bad things

1. I fell it keeps us captivated like we're in jail.

2. It takes away the ability to rest our brains.

3. We wouldn't have the freedom of summer.

4. We wouldn't relax we would be worried about school and getting stuff done.

I am against year-round schooling because it would take away our freedom. Also, it would take away from relaxing our brains during the summer. I think it would actually overload our brains and we wouldn't be able to relax because we would be thinking about school and chores or other activities like sports. Also, it keeps us inside which gives us the chance of catching the cold or flu, and we wouldn't get the fresh air we need. It would take away from being outside and getting active and fit.

trading card story

Once upon a time in North Carolina, North Carolina, Leather Man decides to take a stroll. When Evil Bob comes and creeps opon him walking towards him. Leather Man runs into an alley and disguises himself as a leather paper and throws himself into a dumpster. Evil Bob is confused and walks away. As Evil Bob is confused he walks away. Leather Man gets scared, and he knows he has seen Evil Bob before.

After he gets home, he falls asleep on his couch. About two hours pass and he hears someone knocking on the door. As he opens the door, he gets ready to transform into something like a leather sock. Then he opens the door and it was a mail man."Here's a package for you sir." Leather Man says, "Who's it from?”

"I'm not sure who it is from, but it says that it's suppose to be mailed here," said the mailman. So as Leather Man sits down and opens the box this floating yellow head pops out.

"Hi, nice to meet you sir. My name is Ken Smiley."

Leather Man jumps up and says,"Hello my name is Leat."

"You seem a little bit freaked out Leat," said Ken.

"No I'm not freaked anymore you seem pretty normal to me," Leat said. So they talked for a while, and they decided to make plans to stop Evil Bob from trying to capture Leat.

They go out to the bad side of the city on the search for Evil Bob. They see Evil Bob walking down the street, picking up trash to eat for dinner, because normal food is to mainstream. Ken and Leat hide, they try to lure Evil Bob in the alley way. Then Leat turns into a leather net and Ken grabs a hold of it with his imaginary hands. Evil Bob wanders into the alley and BAM! Evil Bob is captured!

"What are we going to do with Bob?" Ken said. "We'll ship him off to Zimbabwe!" So they sent him in express mail to Zimbabwe. Now Leat can do what he wanted instead of having Evil Bob creeping around him. Then suddenly Ken started glowing and poof! Ken vanished before Leat's eye's and went back to Wonderland.

Flow Free

My favorite app is Flow Free. Flow is a line game, you try to connect all the colors, and use all the squares. I like playing this game because it gets harder as you go, and you have to use you're brain to problem solve. This game on regular has over 150 levels. I'm almost done with the regular packs. It's a really easy game if you like colors and problem solving. Altogether this game has 900 levels.

What is you're favorite candy?

choices: total for each: percent:

lolly pop: 4 16%

jolly rancher: 7 28%

milk dud: 4 16%

skittles: 5 20%

m&m: 5 20%