KIDS can do something about it

Do you know what cyberbullying is?

online: connected to people on the Internet

cyberbullying: doing something on the Internet, usually again and again, to make another person feel angry, sad, or scared

Our students became familiar with these definitions this week!

Why does it matter?

Have you done the activity where you crumble a piece of paper to represent mean words, and realized the paper can never be perfectly flat again? That's what happens with mean words on the Internet....they can affect a lot of people in a lot of ways!

We talked with the kids about how mean words can never really go away on the Internet.

Explain cyberbullying a little more to me...

Most of the time when students go online it is to play fun games, learn more about a topic, or talk with others. But sometimes people can be mean to each other online and this is called cyberbullying.

Some examples include:

  • sending a mean email or IM to someone

  • posting mean things about someone on a website

  • making fun of someone in an online chat

  • doing mean things to someone’s character in an online world like Club Penguin or WebKinz

Students use websites and social communication, and it is important for them to understand what words and actions can be hurtful on these sites. Think about what websites and activities your child participates in...

It's important for them to also know what kind of language they should use:

Positive, kind words.

Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Think about how our characters felt!

Remember that what you say can be shared to many unintended others.

What students can do if they are cyberbullied:

*tell a trusted adult when they experience or witness bullying, such as parents, teachers, counselors, or grandparents

*stop using the computer (or the cyberbullying may continue or get worse)

How to Help Prevent Cyberbullying and Help Combat it!

*At school we will present scenarios of online situations, and how students could react to them. We also talked about how each character felt in the situation. Ask your child how characters feel when they are being bullied online?

*At home, discuss with your child about who they could talk to if they are being cyberbullied. Set a system in place, just like you would for a fire drill.

*Enforce the guideline that your child needs to keep you informed of what websites they are going on, and only talk to people they know.

*We discussed in class how mean words never really go away, and how quickly information can be shared. You could share with your kids how you are careful about what you say on the Internet, and why you would personally worry.

Check out this video with your kids! A friendly way to discuss cyberbullying!

Cyberbullying: there is a way out!
Thanks for helping to make our Internet a safe, friendly place for kids!


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