Belton Speech and Debate

One Squad, Many Voices

Belton takes 2nd place at conference!

We took 2nd place in forensics! We took 2nd place in debate! We took 2nd overall at conference!

5 - 1st team all conference; 19 - 2nd team all conference

This past weekend the squad traveled to Blue Spring High School to compete for a conference title. Friday got started with forensics and after two prelim rounds, 100% of Belton entries made finals! During finals we battled it out head to head with a great team from Raytown South. We had many students make 1st and 2nd team all conference with Belton earning 2nd overal! (full results below)

Saturday was focused on debate with 5 rounds taking place. The first two rounds and the 5th round are all in conference with rounds 4 and 5 mixed among all the conferences. We setup our team with 4 policy debate, 2 Lincoln Douglas debate, and 2 public forum debate entries. Headed into the final round, we had entries that could have won all three debate events for Belton, one of which did! We won policy debate on a 5-0 record giving seniors Jay and Julian their last conference title, yet again, Belton finished 2nd to Raytown South.

The overall award went to Raytown South which is a veteran program compared to the young blood running our team. Belton proudly earned 2nd place overall this year at conference.

1st team all conference:

Jay and Julian - Policy Debate - 1st place

Rafael - Prose Reading - 1st place

Jay - International Extemp - 1st place

Julian - Domestic Extemp - 2nd place

Hailey and Rafael - Public Forum - 4th place

2nd team all conference:

Sadie and Gabby - Duo Interp - 3rd place

Hailey - Original Oratory - 3rd place

Delorom - Storytelling - 3rd place

Hunter - Storytelling - 4th place

Bryce and Tristen - Policy Debate - 4th place

Khosi - Dramatic Interp - 4th place

Merissa - Dramatic Interp - 5th place

Trey and John - Policy Debate - 5th place

Michaela and Arabella - Duo Interp - 5th place

Charles - International Extemp - 5th place

Aidan - Domestic Extemp - 5th place

Sadie - Humorous Interp - 5th place

Rafael - Orginal Oratory - 6th place

Delorom - Humorous Interp - 6th place

Brittney - Prose Reading - 6th place

Ally and Amanda - 6th place

Katie - Lincoln Douglas - 7th place

Delorom - Lincoln Douglas - 8th place

Brittney - Poetry Reading - 8th place

Honorable Mention

Brenna and Ranae - Public Forum - 9th place

Serena - Poetry - 9th place


Feb 19th & 20th - Winnetonka

March 4th & 5th - NSDA Debate/Duo Districts > Lee's Summit North HS

March 11th & 12th - NSDA IE Districts > Lees Summit HS

March 18th & 19th - MSHSAA districts > Raytown South HS


Friday, Feb. 19th, 1:30pm to Saturday, Feb. 20th, 3:30pm

5815 Northeast 48th Street

Kansas City, MO

This weekend the team travels to Winnetonka High School.

Mock Trial Advances!

This semester has been off to a very busy start (and we won't quit being busy until mid April). In addition to hosting a tournament in late January the Mock Trial team has also been competing.

The Mock Trial program is a law based program where students learn and analyze an actual case that has been modified for student learning. Half the team serves as our lawyers while the others roll play as the witnesses. The rounds take place downtown at the Jackson County Courthouse in actual courtrooms with lawyers serving as our judges. In prelims we faced Truman and Liberty North fighting for 6 ballots. After two prelim rounds, Belton for the first time in over a decade advanced to regionals!

This week we will compete in those regional rounds on Tuesday and Thursday again at the court house. After this weeks rounds we will find out if we advance to state!