January 17, 2022


COVID related cases and other illnesses have been on a steady incline for a little over a week within the school district. Because of it's effect on our student population and more specifically, our staffing, it is necessary for us to transition to distance learning at the HIGH SCHOOL from Tuesday, 1/18/22 through Friday, 1/21/22. We expect to return to in-person learning on Monday, 1/24/22.

The Elementary and Middle School will continue in-person learning on Tuesday, 1/18/22. The District will continue to monitor student and staff absences throughout the week and make any necessary adjustments for those school sites.

Distance Learning Information: Students can access their assignments daily through Schoology. Teachers will also be available via Google Meets for tutoring sessions for students. Students will need to check Schoology and their school email throughout the day for updates and important information. Student attendance for each course will be based on daily class assignment completion.

Meal Service: Grab and Go style meals will be provided for high school students for the entire week. The week's meals can be picked up on Tuesday, 1/18/22 from 3:30 P.M to 4:30 P.M on the west side of the cafeteria.

Activities: All regularly scheduled high school activities will continue during the distance learning period.

Vince Vincent