The Twist

The dances and the songs were very unique back in the 1960's.i mean the names just got you wondering.the mashed potato, the fly, the monkey, the swim, the twist etc. But the twist was the most popular for a while. its simple dance steps made it easy for all ages. the movement was, place one foot forward & twist while rotating your hips from side to side. see simple but fun!

The Swim

c'mon every body c' mon in, bobby's gonna show you how to do the swim ,kinda like the monkey kinda like the twist pretend your in the water and you go like this, now baby swim, baby do the swim

kinda like a dog but not so slow

like the hully gully but not so slow

now baby swim baby do the swim

do what you wanna and do like you wish

c' mon baby now and swim like a fish

Doing the monkey

This dance , "the monkey" i s done face to face doing solo improvisations based upon looking like a monkey putting your arms up in the air swaying them from side to side,bobbing your head, scratching your armpits, stopping and checking for lice in other peoples hair. GROSS!
60's Dance Medley


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