Chloroplast Needed

Creator of Flyer

Wilson Brawley

March 6, 2015

Period B4

Job Description

Your job will be a very vital one. Your job will be to make the food for the cell. You will turn water and carbon dioxide into the sugar glucose (aka food) in the cell. The glucose will be sent to various parts of the cell. You will send glucose to the cell wall to strengthen the wall. You will work in various plant cells and protists.
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  • Be able to work round the clock, as the cell needs to glucose constantly.

  • You must have, at least, PhD in photosynthesis studies

  • You need to supply your own chlorophyll to soak in sun’s rays.

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  • You will be well protected from outside environment. All of our locations have two outer membranes.
  • You will be given an office with plenty of sunlight.

Contact information


55 Sunlight Drive, Protist City, The Republic of Chloroplastia

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