April 8-12


Good morning.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and are ready to begin testing. Throughout the year, I have seen all of you work so hard to prepare your students to perform the best that they can. You have provided the instruction, tools and confidence to your classes. Now comes the time to take a deep breath and let them show what they know. They will do well! You are great teachers! Please let me know if there is anything you need from me.

I have include a " Shake It Off" Parody that you can show the students . This will help them relax and it reminds them of some test taking strategies. Please have the students sign onto their Schoology accounts. I left them a message.

Also, check out the section that has 10 tricks with handouts for those days when your class is way too chatty. We all know as testing finishes, it will become more difficult to keep students on task.

Aim High and Dream Big!!



*** If you haven't signed onto your Tide account please do so to make sure your name and password are good to go. https://oh.portal.airast.org/users/teachers.stml

*** Please read though the testing instructional manual and highlight what text you will read before administering the test.

*** There are mints/ lifesavers in the office that you can count out for your students for testing days- 2 mints and 1 life savor.

*** Each grade level should have their Testing Punch Cards for an Ice Cream Celebration after testing.

*** On days you are administering a test you may wear your AIM HIGH DREAM BIG shirt with jeans.

*** Please remember that we aren't supposed to send " all district " emails without permission first.

What's Going This Week

This week is Language Arts Supervision.


Tuesday- Track Meet Georgetown; Summer School Meeting

Wednesday-EH- Staff meeting


Friday- Angela's Curbside Cuisine

Saturday- Kris's Birthday

Shake It Off Testing Parody


Run time 3:53
This test taking parody encourages students to shake off the stress and anxiety of test taking.

Why It’s Good for Test Prep: The song reiterates important test taking strategies that will help students and the catchy tune may make it easier for students to remember to relax.

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