Austin Pundsack

5 Themes of Meography


Absolute Location: 45.4542° N, 94.5183° W

Relative location: Near the massive power pole 343 and just east of the farming flames baseball field


Five Human Characteristics Of My House: Deck in front of my house, a Patio and basement off to the side, with a double wide trailer house connected in the middle of both and finally two sheds out front and back.

Five Physical Characteristics Of My House:two fields to the east and west of my house and a woods west of my house that separates the field and our house we have a small pond behind our house and two apple orchards in front of our house and one near the pond

Human-Enviromental Interaction

How I Adapt, Modify and Depend on My Environment

I adapt to my environment by changing clothes such as a coat in in winter or a T-shirt in the summer. I modified my environment by digging a hole in our field to fill in a hole in our yard. I depend on my environment by breathing oxygen produced by trees



I get from one place to another by getting driven by one of my parents or my brother. I have a lot of items made in china. I communicate mostly by talking but on occasion I use my cell phone.


One unifying physical feature:A unifying physical feature of the midwest is good farmland or rich ore which is good for mining.

One unifying human feature: Highways and roads are one unifying feature of the midwest