Ada Lovelace

by lara


At a young age Ada preferred maths and science more than her arts and crafts even though her father was a creative poet, she even preferred maths more than playing with her dolls and toys. She grew up privileged more rich than most others, which put her at a head start with her education. she was born on the 10th of December 1815 in London. But before she enjoyed math she was more attracted to geography but her mother insisted her geography lessons be cancelled and replaced with arithmetic, her mother was incredibly harsh on her and it was tough love. Her father left before she had a chance to meet him because he divorced her mother and he sadly died when Ada was only eight.


As she grew older she only became more wealthy, as she married William king and became countess of Lovelace. She was married quite young, she was only twenty and her husband was ten years older than her and also a mathmatition. [you can imagine that they got on well]

Her work with babbage

Charles Babbage and Ava met at a party in London and he shared his ideas and experience with her and showed her his plans to build a computer, she quickly made improvements and adjusted some of his ideas. She enjoyed working with him but sadly didn't live long enough to see the computer built, but it was proven that the computer would have worked so she had invented something one hundred and fifty years before it was put together and created.


Sadly Ava died before she even turned thirty in 1852 and her life was short lived, But we remember her as a great and inspiring woman today.