VCR Lesson 5 Presentation

Spencer Page

fill in the blank!

The _________ in the entryway of the museum depicted Socrates teaching students in the Agora.
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from the dictionary

bas-relief (n.)


basis - "pedestal," "foot," base"

bassus - "low"


sculpture whose ornament or figures are somewhat raised above the background


bas is the base and it has the relief of not having the actual figures of the sculpture near it- they're raised higher

from the thesaurus


  • sculpture
  • low-relief
  • carving
  • basso-rilievo


  • cavo-rilievo
  • high-relief
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pick the letter of the incorrect usage

A. The carving of elephants on the wall is a bas-relief.

B. There was a bronze bas-relief sculpture of Confucius in the lobby of the hotel.

C. Knowing the card game I didn't want to go to was cancelled was quite the bas-relief.

D. Bas-reliefs allow viewers to see the actual artwork from only one side.


The answer is C. Bas-relief was mixed up with another definition of relief.