Come to Crane Korea Bistro!

Fine Korean cuisine! Five-Star Rating!

Best Casual Korean Bistro in the World!

Restaurant Critic Tom Riversa says "Crane Korea Bistro contains a wonderful showing of a bistro that seems to have come right out of South Korea! A great experience of Korean food and culture! Rooms of the best with food and service of the finest."

So much to offer! Just like a real Korean restaurant!

Crane Korea also inquires Korean-style entertainment!

In our various rooms from 3:30 - 7:00, on any random day, the many Korean style artists can sign up in our performance forms to make you lucky enough to experience entertainment for you and your guests with a massive collection of Korean-style live music, dance, storytelling, and theatre. You can learn and experience many forms of Korean culture with a lucky day of experiencing many Korean arts.

Crane Korea Bistro: Best Korean Cuisine

We have expanded throughout the entire country with incredible goals:

  • To have a chance to experience the tastes and scents of real Korean food.
  • To give a good impression of inspiring Korean architecture and Korean entertainment that is fun for any party.
  • To give you and your party the best time you could ever have in any Asian restaurant.

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