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Region 9 High Reliability Schools-March 2018

It's that time of year...

We know testing season is right around the corner, which means, like any teacher, you are probably doing a lot of prep work with your kids to make sure they can show what they know on those standardized tests. That's where three of our elements come into play: Element 14, Reviewing Content; Element 20, Revising Knowledge; and Element 13, Reflecting on Learning.

These three elements have a common thread in that we want our students to know and understand that it's ok to be wrong. In fact, that's where we learn. If you have a few minutes, watch this TEDTalk on "Being Wrong."

Once you've read through the information below, be sure to check out and add to our collaboration of Review, Revise and Reflect using the QR code or link you'll find just before the ASOT in Action section.

Reviewing Content

Element 14 hinges on requiring students to use previously learned information on a regular basis. Some strategies to help students review include:
  • Cloze Activities
  • Summaries
  • Presented Problems
  • Demonstrations
  • Questioning
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Revising Knowledge

Strategies in Element 20 "focus on helping students remember, practice, and examine new information on a deeper level" (BART, p. 105). At this point, we want students to be able to show how they do something, correct errors in thinking and make connections between prior learning. Some strategies to help students revise knowledge include:

  • Academic Notebook Entries/Review/Peer Feedback
  • Assignment Revision
  • Using Visual Symbols
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Reflecting on Learning

Research has shown that asking students to identify and record what they are confused about enhances their learning (BART, p. 42). Therefore strategies in Element 13 focus on ways for students to process, represent, understand and elaborate on new knowledge. Ideas include:
  • Reflective Journals
  • Think Logs (asks students what skills they used)
  • Exit Slips
  • Knowledge Comparison
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Review, Revise and Reflect

Use the QR code or click this link to access a Padlet where we can share ideas about the elements of reviewing content, revising knowledge and reflecting on learning. This is a great place to share resources you've found or ideas you've tried. We'd love to see pictures and videos of what you are doing in your classroom!
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City View Elementary

Katherine Frazier

Katherine Frazier, a 4th grade teacher at City View Elementary, started using Mondays as a way to review what students learned the previous week. She has a sticky note on each student's desk first thing in the morning, and students write something they learned from the week before, taking care to use complete sentences and academic vocabulary from reading, writing or social studies.

She got responses like "I learned that 'mumbo jumbo' is just talking nonsense," "I learned that adding figurative language, sensory details, facts, examples, and quotes make for good writing," and "We learned about different hooks. We can use onomatopoeia and setting."

Ms. Frazier said she wanted students to own their learning, and this very quick activity showed her that her students are retaining knowledge.

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ASOT in Action Submissions

We know you work hard to try new things and to be the best teacher you can be. We want to celebrate all that you do and share what is working in classrooms across our region. If you have tried an ASOT element and think others could benefit from the idea, please consider taking a few pictures or even a video and submitting them to us to be included in future newsletters or other shared resources.

You can use the form below for easy submission of your photos and/or videos or you can email them to with a brief explanation of what you tried and what you thought of the strategy.

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