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October 22nd through October 29th

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Principal's Message

Pirate Families!

Red Ribbon Week starts October 25th. Red Ribbon Week emphasizes the importance of drug and alcohol awareness. We have a number of activities and a spirit week planned for students to honor Red Ribbon Week. See the Red Ribbon Week Activities and Spirit days below.

Also, you can find some pictures of our students for Plank Unity Day below. Students and staff wore orange as a symbol of unity against bullying. We had a large number of students wearing orange on Wednesday.

Now that we are a quarter way into the school year, continue to review the expectations on our What to Expect at Plank for 2021-22 School Year presentation with your child. Continual reinforcement of our expectations for students is important to get back into the routine of school. You can find our presentation here>>>. LINK

Plank is also hiring! We are in need of several positions throughout Plank, such as Teaching Assistants, Long Term Substitute Teachers, A Dean's Assistant, and Crossing Guards. Please visit our Employment opportunities page to view all opportunities and/or complete an online application!

The staff at Plank Junior High is committed to serving the students and parents of the surrounding community. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, and we can work together to find solutions. I can be reached at 630-551-9400 and thaymond@sd308.org. We look forward to partnering with you and your child throughout the year.

Always in partnership,

Tyler Haymond


Plank Junior High School

Plank Anonymous Reporting

Plank has a system for reporting anonymously. Click the link below to fill out an incident report to let the Principal and Assistant Principals know what happened.


Additional Reporting Opportunities

We have a Plank TipLine and Conflict Resolution Flyer printed and posted in classrooms and around the building. Students can scan the QR code in order to access the anonymous reporting link. - LINK

Pirate's Unite Against Bullying

View the pictures below of our students and staff participating in Plank's Unity Day against bullying!
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Important upcoming dates

10/25 through 10/29 - Red Ribbon Week (see below)

10/25 - ALICE Drill

10/28 - High School Credit Opt out forms are due

11/11 - 5 - hour Student Attendence (Parent-teacher conferences)

11/12 - NO STUDENT ATTENDANCE - (Parent-teacher conferences)

11/24, 25, 26 - NO STUDENT ATTENDANCE - Thanksgiving Break

Red Ribbon Week - October 25th through October 29th

Did you know that children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs or alcohol are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't; yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations. Red Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the nation and it is our collective opportunity to get the conversation started.

Plank Junior High School will be honoring Red Ribbon Week from Monday, October 25, 2021 - Friday, October 29, 2021. This year's theme is: Drug Free Looks Like Me. At school, students will engage in activities that promote a drug free and healthy lifestyle. To further increase student involvement, we will also be having a door decorating contest during SST time in addition to daily Spirit Days.

Please partner with us and discuss this message at home, at the dinner table, at family outings, and with friends and extended family. At the end of the week, ask your student to explain some of the things they learned through our Red Ribbon Week activities. For more information and resources to use at home, go to www.redribbon.org.

Monday - Pajama Day

Tuesday - Favorite Jersey or Sports Team

Wednesday - Wear Red

Thursday - Plaid Shirts or Pants

Friday - Orange and Black for Halloween

Parent Teacher Conferences - November 11th and 12th

Parent/Teacher conferences will occur Thursday, November 11th from 4:00-8:00pm and Friday, November 12th from 8:00am-1:00pm. We will be opening up the PTC Fast system on Monday, November 1st at 8:00am for families to sign up for time slots for Thursday only. The portal will close on Tuesday, November 9th at 4:00pm. Friday conferences will need to be scheduled individually between the teacher and parents/guardians.

All parents/guardians have the option for an in-person or virtual conference. If you sign up for Thursday through the PTC Fast portal, please indicate your preference on the system. If you are in communication with teachers for a Friday conference, please indicate your preference with the teacher.

Home and School Meetings

Home and School meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month, starting at 6 PM. You can join these meetings virtually by following the link below. We will have a special activity planning meeting on November 9th at 6PM.


Home and School Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to volunteer for home and school? We are looking for some volunteers to help with concessions at our sports games. Currently we have girls volleyball happening, and Basketball and Wrestling will be starting soon. Click this link to signup:


High School Courses: Credit Opt-Out Process

If you have a student enrolled in Algebra I, Honors English I, or Spanish I and do not want your student to receive high school credit for the class (Algebra I or Honors English I only) or wish to drop the course, please click the “Opt-Out Form” link below for further information. Opt-out forms must be completed and returned to your student’s counselor by Thursday, October 28th, 2021.

High School Credit Opt-Out Form

Table Games for Lunch Periods

Parents: We are looking for small game donations from families for kids to play at lunch. These can be school appropriate games, like decks of cards, Uno, Skip Bo, and even small board games. Our lunch periods are 41 minutes long, and we are noticing that students are bringing in games to play at their tables. This is a great way to get kids talking with each other and interacting during lunch.

Donations can be made in the Plank Main Office.

Plank Chromebook reminders

As we continue our 1:1 initiatives for students with chromebooks, please encourage your pirate at home to:

  • Charge their chromebook and bring it every day
  • Treat them carefully. If they break the chromebook, the technology department will contact home regarding the cost of the repair.
  • Use them appropriately. Our Securely web filter notifies administration of inappropriate internet searches or words and phrases that could indicate bullying, threats, or self-harm.

Plank Announcements

Announcements Slides Presentation for students.

Information for the start of the school year

Please view the What to Expect at Plank 2021-2022 Presentation for additional information for the upcoming year!

Lea la presentación en español aquí Qué esperar en Plank - Estudiantes y padres Español 2021-2022

PE Uniforms/Lockers: Students will receive their locks and assigned a locker in PE during the first week of school. Information about this will come through PE.

Lunch: We will serve lunch during the school day this year. We have made some adjustments to our cafeteria seating to allow for social distancing seating for all students. If we need to use additional spaces in the building for lunch, we will accommodate the best we can and keep you informed.

Outside/Vendor Food - Outside vendor foods are not permitted in the lunchrooms this year. We cannot accept a delivery from a vendor (store or delivery such as Grub Hub) on behalf of a student. If a parent delivers outside food, the student will be able to receive their lunch, however, will need to eat in the Main Office and then return to lunch. Thank you.

Lockers: Students are using lockers this year (locker and combination located on the schedule email that was sent out earlier this week). We will encourage students to limit their locker usage to only a few times a day. We encourage students to take a look at their schedule and make a plan as to when the most appropriate time to go to their locker would be. (Example: before school/after school and before/after lunch, or, before school to pack for the first part of the day and then once in the middle of the day, and then at the end of the school day).

Backpacks: Students will be able to carry backpacks during the school day. Students are encouraged to ONLY bring the most important items they will need to participate in class and leave other non-essential items in their lockers.

Cell Phones: Just a reminder...a change in policy occurred last year regarding cell phones. Cell phones must be off and out of sight during the school day, from 8:10 to 3:10. If students need to contact home, they are able to use a school phone, with permission from a Plank staff member.

Buses: To find bus routes, click here for the transportation page on the district website. From there, click on Bus Routes on the left side of the page, then find Plank under the Junior High Arrival section. From there, look for your subdivision/area you live and find the closest stop to your home, which will also include your pick-up time. Please be at your bus stop 5 minutes prior to your pick-up time. Under the Junior High-Dismissal section for Plank, you will find the bus routes with the drop-off location and time.

Due to the many changes, larger student counts, the need for seating charts, and contact tracing, we will NOT be allowing students to ride buses other than their assigned one.

Chromebooks: Any incoming 6th grader, or new or returning student to Plank who has not received their Chromebook, will receive it during the first couple weeks of school. We have been distributing chromebooks to new students during lunches. If your child still needs a Chromebook, please reach out to thaymond@sd308.org.

Chromebooks that are damaged or not working will need to be turned into the Plank LRC. A loaner will be issued from the LRC until a replacement arrives or the device is repaired. See Dr. Meyer in the LRC.

Temporary Distance Learning: Students placed on Temporary Distance Learning will receive an email from one of the health office staff at Plank or from the district with the quarantine and TDL information attached. Once that is provided, then the classroom teacher will be able to allow a student into the classroom Meet Link for Temporary Distance Learning. Please understand that this could take a day or two while the health office staff is handling daily health procedures, routines, and concerns, but also information pertaining to quarantining students. While you are waiting for a member of the health office staff to contact you, the absence of the student is still considered excused.

21-22 School Yearbook

Don't Delay, Plank Pirates! It's time to order your YEARBOOK for the 21-22 school year. The online store will be open August 9. Order now, so you don't forget and get your $5 DISCOUNT. (From December 1st, cost increases to $30. Final order deadline is January 28, 2022.)

*Optional personalization for an extra fee.

If you have any yearbook questions, please email Ms. Thill at dthill@sd308.org.

Big picture

21-22 Plank Yearbook QR Code

Big picture

Plank Athletics information

Follow this link for information on Plank Athletics for the 2021-2022 School Year.

8th Grade Basketball Tryouts

Boys Basketball Tryouts are October 25th, 26th and 27th from 5:00 - 6:30 in the Plank Gym.

Set up a time to meet with the Plank Counselors!

Our Plank counseling team is using a new scheduling tool this year. It allows students and parents to directly book a meeting with us. Follow the links below to access the editable schedule to meet with one of our counselors. They also created and released the Counselors Corner Newsletter. If you have questions, reach out to our counseling team below!

Mrs. Gannon (students with last names A-L) cgannon-sd308.youcanbook.me/

Mrs. Hlavacs (students with last names M-Z) khlavacs-sd308.youcanbook.me/

Mrs. Modaff (students with last names M-Z) jmodaff-sd308.youcanbook.me/


Parent Resources

Follow the links to access the parent resources that we have available.

Plank Attendance Guidelines

Call Asusana Montes-Mijares


Students must be called into the Attendance Line if they are not participating for all or part of the school day (Monday-Friday).

Please leave a message on the Attendance Line noting the reason for the absence. Include all symptoms or the reason for the absence if it is not illness related. Students need to be called in if they will miss a partial day. Please note the class/classes that will be missed in addition to the reason for the absences.

Teachers are keeping attendance through class period If you have questions, please reach out to the individual teachers about these procedures.

Important People to Know



Tyler Haymond 630-551-9410 thaymond@sd308.org

Assistant Principal

Bailey Campbell 630-551-9412 bcampbell@sd308.org

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Katie Jones 630-551-9411 kjones@sd308.org

Student Support Lead Teachers

Lead Special Education Teacher

Carrie Quinn 630-551-9497 cquinn@sd308.org

EL Coordinator

Guadalupe Gallardo Escobedo 630-551-9466 ggallardoescobedo@sd308.org


Principal Secretary

Laurie Williams 630-551-9409 lwilliams@sd308.org

Registrar/Discipline Secretary

Camille Simmons 630-551-9418 csimmons@sd308.org

Attendance Secretary

Asusana (Susie) Montes-Mijarez 630-551-9408 amontesmijarez@sd308.org

Student Services:


Caitlin Gannon 630-551-9414 cgannon@sd308.org

Students with last names A-L

Kelly Hlavacs and Jen Modaff 630-551-9415 khlavacs@sd308.org, jmodaff@sd308.org

Students with last names L-Z

Melanie Reicher 630-551-9496 mreicher@sd308.org

Restorative Practice Counselor

Social Workers:

Regena Alonzo 630-551-9405 ralonzo@sd308.org

Marguerite Slinger 630-551-9416 mslinger@sd308.org

Building Nurse:

Denise Salisbury 630-551-9402 dsalisbury@sd308.org

Important Resources

Transportation: 630-636-2999

Tyler Parent Portal login/access questions: tylerhelp@sd308.org

Waiver of Fee questions: Kaitlyn Dolenak 630-636-3662

Free/Reduced Lunch Application Status: Paola Lares Luna: 630-636-3663