Time to think twice about having a second glass of wine

       wine is not good for old people . old people are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol , than young adults. alcohol abuse and alcoholism are more restrictive for older people than those for young adults. People ages 65 years and older arent  supposed to drink more than seven drinks per week. one drink equals 12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces of liquid. dehydrogenase or ADH is needed to break down alcohol, and when a person turns 50 years old they start to loose ADH. Infact too much alcohol makes old people think less clearly, forgetting things and falling, they have less muscle mass and less water content. when seniors drink too much they are increasing risk for alcohol related problems.
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diagram showing the amount of alcohols people drinks on a regular basic
Most people reduce or quit drinking as they get older, often because of worsening health. If an older person in your life is drinking too much, Encourage him to see his or her doctor, who should regularly screen for problem drinking. Moore says adult children often raise concerns about alcohol to their parents’ doctors.Studies do show that age-specific treatment is best for older adults,” Kuerbis says. That means group sessions with people of similar age or therapies that take into account seniors’ cognitive abilities.
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woman drinking wine