Kohler Cougar News Special Edition

Words from Our Classroom Reporters

What is a leader to you?

We asked the students, what is a leader to you and what a leader is not. The following are the responses we received.

Our class said that a leader is someone who is in charge of themselves, who is a good role model to others, and someone who is respectful to others.

When asked what a leader is not, our classmates said that it is someone who breaks rules and maybe says some inappropriate words.

It was said that every single person in our class is a leader or a leader in training at least. :)


Conference Forms

I will be sending conference time preference sheets home to those who did not sign up for conferences at Open House. Please mark your 1st-3rd choice in times as well as any siblings your child may have in the building. These forms will be due September 30th. I will then be sending a verification form once a schedule for both evenings has been established.

Application and Forms

Yearbook applications are due September 30th. There are tasks for both you and your child to complete as well as a teacher recommendation before the application is turned in on the 30th. If you child is interested, please encourage them to have all the sections completed before the 30th.

Intramural forms are due as soon as possible as well. The students received these forms in PE class this week. Please have your child turn this in if they are interested in taking part in intramurals this year.

Mr. Holyoke, our Music teacher, also sent a form home yesterday regarding recorders. Please take a moment to read over this form for information about recorders and to understand the responsibilities of the student.


We will be testing over Math Topic 3 on Friday, October 2nd. The students will be bringing home a study guide on Thursday evening to help review for the test along with the review we will do in class.

We will also be testing over Week 7 in Spelling on Friday. Although we did not reach our goal of 24 out of 24 students scoring 90% or above on our Week 6 test, our bar graph did increase from last week. Again, please take some time to work with your child on their weekly words so they are practicing them both at school and at home. Hopefully, our bar graph will increase more this coming week!